New HP Computer help

I just bought a new a1250n Pavillion computer from Circuit City, even tho the sales guy told me HP was crap. Anyway, i asked him if it came with OS software to reformat since i heard horror stories about no discs. He said no, it has a recovery folder on the hard drive in order to “start your computer over from the start”… thats it! is that true!?

this computer came with Media Center, and apparently a bunch of useless progs pre-installed as well. but if i wanted to reformat my computer with WinXP Pro, then apparently the mobo drivers and such wont install right or at all? does anyone have any experience with this? if this is the case im thinkin i may return this HP and just build my own again… i was trying to save myself some work…help! thanks in advance…

Check out the AMD Forum :

Wealth of info with knowledgeable contributors.

You should be able to get any drivers you need from, and anything that works in Media Center will work fine in regular XP.

@ uronmy49311

Save yourself a lot of grief and return the HP 1250n Pavillion and build your our computer.

Building you own computer you will know exactly what is in it, build it to your own specifications, and know the quality of the components used.

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