New hp 420n v1.31
The upgrade includes the following features:

Improved laser write strategies for new brands of DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW media.

I managed to extract the bin file. Here are the steps: Click on the file and proceed until you get an error message. Don’t click this error message away! Open the Windows temp directory and go to the folder which has been last created (sort the files by date). Voilà , you find the bin file in this directory.

Would any1 be so kind and post the versions of the write strategies?

Did you ever consider having a look at the sticky threads? Especially the last page of this one. :wink:

Sorry. This firmware is not interesting at all :frowning:

Not if you want DL support…lol

I was referring to the outdated write strategies.

Judging by your sig i was led to believe you were looking for DL support too…guess i was wrong