New homepage design

My login was lost too and I was at the new Beta for a bit, I agree the roving feedback bar thing is annoying but it looked OK over all. I went into my preferences and tried the wide format, then went back to version 2 as that’s still my favorite layout for the forums which is where I hang out.
I guess the cookies got scrambled or maybe you just wanted more of us to see the new homepage look and forum style. As long as we still get the other choices I’m fine with it when all the bugs get worked out.
I think at first I couldn’t find the login either but it was in the box in the wide like was pointed out.

I have one last question, on the news page, the news banner (vertical) is now smaller!
Are that being changed? So you can more news at the page written or graphicsor advertisements…

(I had a bug in my brain, instead of putting my Username, each time I write my email adress… ;-)) Harry

What about compressing mysignature?

[QUOTE=MP|3;2478658]hehe, hmm maybe you are imagining things :slight_smile:

There is a login + register block on every page, on the top right:

Can you see this one? Unless… you are not using the MyCE style maybe? The new style has several custom elements, which can only be shown if the MyCE style is selected.

Maybe you guys should also give it another try, we improved a lot the last weeks and I know many people like the new style much better after they use it for a day or so :iagree: :flower:

But I agree we can enhance the visibility more… add it to the feedback app on the right now :)[/QUOTE]

Still way to much white on the right side for these old eyes to look at, tried the Wide version and it still throws everything that should be on the right to the bottom with a lot of white on the left side of it.

The overall is looking better :iagree: but still way to much white. :iagree: