New homepage design

I just posted the article New homepage design.

Together with several community members, loads of feedback in the forums and many support e-mail we made some changed to the homepage design. Read all about it!

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[B]News[/B]: Anything that is fairly new and might be of interest to the readers

[B]Breaking News[/B]: Current news of such importance that it warrants interruption of current scheduled content.

Example of “News”: Reruns of the Mork & Mindy show will appear on Mondays and Wednesdays on BBC Entertainment

Example of “Breaking News”: Aliens from the planet Mork just took control of the EU Parliament building and are forcing the introduction of legislation to make reruns of Mork & Mindy mandatory on Mondays and Wednesdays on all public service channels in the EU

None of the current “Breaking News” items are anything more than regular “News”! :wink:

Starting to look good, lot’s better than it was.

Looking good!

Looks well. :iagree:

More importantly it looks interesting too.


A vast improvement. I was considering dropping the site from my daily check in routine. Glad I stuck around. Good Luck, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All. ---- Ray Courney

Am I imagining things or is there no clear, easy way to login/register on that page?

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2478628]Am I imagining things or is there no clear, easy way to login/register on that page?[/QUOTE]

No, you’re not imagining things - I got logged out earlier when some site stuff was going on, and it went back to the MyCE style while I was logged out. I was there for awhile looking for a clearly labelled login button. :wink:

One thing that is a bit of a peeve - the little “feedback” button that moves with the page as you scroll say, through a news article, which is where I came across it.

It obscures some text and is distracting. :wink:

You are right Kerry ,

I just thought we were looking at overall design, figured the rest would be there when the time came.

And here I thought it was just me. I looked and looked and couldnt find a way to log in until I switched to the Wide Beta.:confused:

hehe, hmm maybe you are imagining things :slight_smile:

There is a login + register block on every page, on the top right:

Can you see this one? Unless… you are not using the MyCE style maybe? The new style has several custom elements, which can only be shown if the MyCE style is selected.

Maybe you guys should also give it another try, we improved a lot the last weeks and I know many people like the new style much better after they use it for a day or so :iagree: :flower:

But I agree we can enhance the visibility more… add it to the feedback app on the right now :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=alan1476;2478656]And here I thought it was just me. I looked and looked and couldnt find a way to log in until I switched to the Wide Beta.:confused:[/QUOTE]

No MP|3, Alan is right, in this side from a link on sombody’s comment, I came here!
But on the first page there were LOG IN/REGISTER buttons, but not on this new

If I go to the FORUM button than I can see that I’m already logged in!

But when I go to the News page again, there is no LOG IN/REGISTER button…


See here the result:

Which forum style are you using?

Wich Forum Style I Use? Where can I choose that!

In Forum I se my Log in, in NEWSi don’t, tell me please where can I change that? Rockin’ Robin


I just checked again, there is no way to log in on the regular new beta, not the wide beta but the regular beta.

Now the ONLINE bulbs are out… I guess you’re busy!

I’m satisfied with the main question, “I’m content with the new design!”



I just had the same problem. I started on clicked on forum and noticed that the MyCE style was shown instead of CDF v2. There was no login block on that page either. Tried to reload the page but everything was the same. Then removed all cookies except for bbuserid and bbpassword and after the next reload, the login block was back. I think you messed way too much with the original forum software using the wrong methods (e.g. adding functionality via forum templates instead of using plugins)

Well, it seems to be fixed now, I have a log in box in the beta. Thanks Liggy.