New home?

Well I guess this could be our new home. Is there a way to auto e-mail other members about the shift? They ain’t gonna see that front page announcement.

Aybeesea will be pissed off at having to start again with the post count :slight_smile:

I’ve posted the details on the front page of my site, DVDPriceGuideUk alerting users of that it has new owners etc. Most of the main users do visit my site so the message should get through, I’ve also noticed that serval users have posted announcements in other forums too.

It took me a while to get here.

I’ve been clicking on my bookmark on several occasions, only to get “The page cannot be found”. I just presumed it was the usual problem so didn’t bother investigating further.

If I hadn’t had an idle moment to try out the main page of the site and click the “forum” menu option, I wouldn’t have known it was off deliberately.

I wonder if anyone else will find their way here. It’s not been known for the forum to be unreachable for weeks at a time, so maybe not.

Now, that’s what you call planning in advance. Not…!

JonR (formerly JSR on DVDplusRW but that username has already been assigned at this forum)

PS - I hope that ABC, Loobster, and the other geniuses from DVDplusRW’s forum appreciate that their information and advice has been appropriated as part of the “acquisition” of


Yes, I hope so too. I made the point as a reply to the moderator’s first post, that the valuable content is the forum, in combination with the FAQ.

Let’s hope it gets going again - the old one was losing credibility.

BTW I don’t remember seeing Aybeesea post anywhere for the last few weeks. Another Secret Service mission, perhaps?

Could be. Maybe he knew and so he’s been “in talks” with some secret organisation to transfer his enormous post count from there to here.


It will take me a while to get my “DVD+RW recorders currently in the UK” thread up again…14 pages and 12000 views…Ah well C’est la vie!

Anyone got any idea why Jorg packed it in ???Personal reasons perhaps or was it that the spark had gone? After all +RW format is now in virtually all PC drives and of the 338 DVD Recorders listed at there are 236 listed with DVD+RW write capability…not bad for an “unofficial” format

Of course the Minus fanboys and other cynics would have it that his “Philips DVD Recorder broke”…

LOL… yes that’s possible!

On the other hand, maybe ‘DoMiN8ToR’'s post count will suddenly and dramatically increase. I’m sure that’s the username he’d really like…

Yes I don’t know how they’re going to get sub-forums going on this one section.
As a relative newcomer to the scene I have no idea why Jorg packed it in, except he was probably fed up with it breaking so often - he said as much in a rare visit to the ‘Comments’ section a while ago. Probably not enough time to do it justice.

Good to see some familiar names here already…where are Loobster and aybeesea?
I’ve been a CDFreak member since Jan 04 but never posted til today

The good news is that I seem to be able to at least backup the data of the old forum, but getting the forum to run again will be something different. I will also make sure that a better redirect message will be posted. Thanks for your understanding all and I’m hoping to get at least your data back. The old forum will be closed for new posts but I’m hoping to copy the data to new threads over here.

Unfortunately .cgi files do not seem to be working at all and therefor I can’t post a message on the mainsite. I’ve asked the new hosting company to take care of restoring the forum, hopefully they will have a solution.

Thanks - your efforts are much appreciated.

The fact that the old forums have gone sucks. Will this board be as well-populated?

I posted a query about Womble Video Wizard the other day and got nowhere fast with replies. Was the site already on its way out then?

Dunno, Dom - the old site was down a few days so probably.

Might as well try your question here… I have used MPEG-VW a bit so let’s give it a try…

Ta. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the way my graphics card is set up (I’ll go into specifics if I need to - it’s WinXP if that helps - but I bet it’s just a setting somewhere that needs altering, even though I can’t find it) as it’s behaving in an opposite way to that.

Basically, my graphics card is set up so that when I run an .mpg or .vob file, etc, it plays in a window on the monitor and on the TV in fullscreen (when the file isn’t playing the TV just displays the same thing as the monitor)

What happens with Womble is that I import the file of either type, then when I drag it to the timeline, once in a while the PC monitor goes fullscreen with the image of the first frame. I panicked at first as the monitor just went pitch black and nothing would quit out of it - not even Alt-F4) then when I put the TV on to the PC’s output to see what I got, it was like a reverse of the situation with the graphics card so that the normal monitor-type image with Womble sitting there was on the TV). I quit out of it from there and the monitor came back up as normal.

However, this doesn’t always happen and it’s only when dragging a vob or mpg to the timeline. It’s bloody annoying though and only started doing it recently.

Thanks in advance,

I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t any direct experience of this, but based on something similar with dual display on a Mac I’d say it was an XP problem rather than a Womble one.

Is it absolutely necessary to have this dual display running when editing? Remember MPEG-VW is an editor so anything ‘extra’ to what its core design is supposed to do may be pushing it a bit.

What version of MPEG-VW are you running, btw. There was an update as recently as Christmas.

It’s ok folks, you can relax now.

Da Loobsta has arrived! :cool:

Some comments on what has been posted above so far…

I agree with the Kiddmeister that one forum area may seem a bit “restricted” after what we wers used to (we used to like to seperate queries on PC drives, standalones, editing etc into their own sections of the forum). But it seems that all or at least most of the areas are covered in different parts of the forum here at cdfreaks. The problem is that to check all of these forum areas will be exhausting and as this site is obviously bigger there is more scope for people to post queries in the wrong spot.

It would be nice if “I can’t believe it’s not Jorg” (DoMiN8ToR :wink: ) could set up a forum split into similar sections to what was set up at - but obviously that’s up to the management here. Certainly the major contributors at dvdplusrw might be more inclined to spend more time here helping in a similar fashion if something vaguely familiar could be “hammered out”.

Next. I fully expect, in line with the mysterious nature of Mr ABC, for him to appear under a new pseudonym, in the hope of sliding in unnoticed (if he hasn’t already!). However his style will inevitably reveal his true identity! Muahahahaha!

Next. I’m also putting a link on my front page to this new forum. Well, thousands of visitors can’t be wrong, can they.


Heeeey… It’s starting to come together. Welcome Loob - pull up a chair.

Guess you had a bit to do what with digging away all that snow :wink:

Maybe ABC Towers is still drifted up?

It’ll be the latest one I’m running as it hasn’t been more than a few weeks since starting to use it.

BTW, I’ve since worked out that when it’s fullscreen on one output, it’s normal on the other, and vice versa. It’s going fullscreen on the monitor about 1 in 4 times with nothing to indicate why it’s doing it on which one at the time.

I noticed it went similarly loopy when I had MPEG-VW running and minimised Windows Explorer or did the “Show desktop” icon. Just went pitch black on the monitor. Quit out of the program and all was well.

I have the dual display going all the time, for convenience really. I get the paranoid feeling that turning it off will then cause problems getting it back to the way I want it. With my last-but-one (Win98SE) PC I accidentally ended up with the TV as the main screen and the monitor as a second one. Got it sorted out, but it was a scary few minutes.

With my last PC (another XP machine which I had for 3 months but problems including Medion’s gargantuan unhelpfulness meant it was easier to take it back to Aldi and get a refund and I bought one from Staples instead), it had a weird feature in that a couple of times, a key press I could never determine made the monitor output switch off! I panicked like hell the first time, then saw the TV output was still okay so could get into the display options and turn it back on. Without the dual display on I’d have been totally stuffed!

But I digress…

Aybeesea hasn’t been at digital spy either for about a week now-maybe he’s on his hols.?

I haven’t heard from him since the dvdplusrw board went down.