New here. What's this about PLEXTOR?


I keep reading all this crap about Plextor’s burners not being able to burn Safedisc 2.51 or 2.70. I have a 24/10/40A that’s burned everything i throw at it with CloneCD except for Age Of Mythology. I solved that by using Alcohol 120% and it made a perfect copy of AOM that plays everywhere.

So what the hell are these reviewers and other people doing? What are they getting cute and trying to copy games with 8 TRACKS? I’ve burned AOM and MOH with NO problems at all with this Plextor but since i’m buying a new burner this weekend at Comdex (well more like stealing it i do the shows here and set them up and get alot of freebies LOL) i decided to read all the reviews and advice on Plextor and Liteon (i’ve heard so much about Liteon) and everyone pretty much said how Plextor could NOT do Safedisc 2.51 etc. what a bunch of turnips. It seems i wasn’t wrong following the all saying…“opinions are like assholes, everyone has one”.

I’m wondering how many of you copy these so-called UN-burnable games with Plextor? I did it using the standard settings also, no new profiles or downloaded profiles. CloneCd 4.1.01 is what i used for MOH and Alcohol 120% for AOM. Did i just get lucky or what’s going on here?

No you’re right but I think you’ve missed some points. When people/reviewers say that the Plextor drive failed to copy SafeDisc (MoH for instance), they’re referring to a back-up created with AWS disabled. Since AWS is CloneCD’s software trick to copy games using the SafeDisc protection, the Plextor drives cannot do it on their own.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that back-ups may work from certain drives even though they’re not perfect copies. If I for instance create a copy of GTA3 (SD2.51.021) without the use of CloneCD’s AWS feature it will work in my Plextor PX-W4012A drive itself. Does this mean the copy was perfect? No since the back-up failed in my Toshiba drive (which is considered to be the best test drive). Now when I enable AWS the back-up did work in the Toshiba, but it needed the software to help creating the working back-up. That’s why you’ll often find statements that the Plextor doesn’t support ‘correct EFM encoding’, etc. Since you used the standard Profiles in CloneCD ‘Amplify Weak Sectors’ (the software trick ;)) was probably enabled.

I hope this clears some things up for you! I have been able to copy most games with my Plextor drives too although, as I said, I need software trick to do so. I haven’t tested the latest protections yet like SecuRom v4.8 and SafeDisc so I can’t say much about that…

Ahhhh ok i see. Thanks GameFreak for clarifying this. I’m thinking of going with Liteon but i love Plextor should i stick with Plextor? Or better yet which one of the latest games are people having a hard time copying? I mean latest latest like AOM (i already burned this perfectly it works on a 4 y.o. burner also) so i can try and burn it with the Plex.

Thanks for your help.

Well as I see it you can stick with Plextor for now. The LiteOn drives are also having problems with the latest protections so that’s not Plextor’s fault. The Plextor drives are also great with audio protections (although LiteOn’s latest model, the LTR-52246S is also very good with audio protections). When the latest protections start giving you problems you can always add a LiteOn writer (they’re very, very cheap) but as you said: the Plextor did copy AOM with Alcohol 120%. Plextor drives are also better when it comes to the certain SecuRom versions (LiteOn had problems with Warcraft III and Neverwinter Nights for instance)…