New here and would like some DVDFab help

Hey there. I recently purchased the IPOD video 80 gig, and have been putting some of my dog training movies onto it using the DVDFab trial version. I recently purchased the DVDFab platinum, and I honestly really don’t know how to use it properly. I didn’t really know how to use the trial version, I probably got lucky. It doesn’t seem to have any sort of tutorial for it. I have tried to copy a movie that we own, and it ended up having suptitles along the bottom of it. I didn’t like that, so I erased it. It was also one of the wide screen pictures,and I didn’t like that either. Not sure if that is an option to change though. One of the training videos I would like to copy takes over 2 hours to do it, and then it ends up going through the beginning as if I haven’t pushed a button to play or something. I am hoping all of you can mabey guide me through this. I am sure its probably pretty simple, but a little hand would be greatly appreciated. When I open the DVDFab, it has something on the bottom about DVD5 and DVD9…and then quality…what is this…

Looking forward to any replies will be awsome.
thanks guys.

DVD5 is for single layer disk which requires compression and DVD9 is dual layer disk also try these settings
When you open common settings and click on write on the left side it opens the write settings page and you will see

Burn Engine
A dropdown window

Write Speed
A dropdown window…4x or 8x here

Write Type of DVD-R Media
A dropdown window…put SAO here

DVD Writable Media (DVD-5) Size
A dropdown window…put 4464 here use customize to enter the size

checkbox…Set booktype to DVD-ROM (Only for DVD+R/RW media)…check the box

Also there is a very good DVDFAB forum on here DVDFAB/Region Free/CSS go there for further help please

Also the trail version is a full working ver so it should be the same

Hi Debbie
There is no tutorial for DVDFab Platinum at this time, BUT you may find this helpful

1.) Open DVDFab Platinum
2.) Put the DVD movie you are going to make a backup copy of into your DVD drive, the movie title will appear in the source drop down window
3.) In the target drop down window chose the location of your DVD Writer that will be used to do the burning of the disc
4.) At the bottom of the screen choose the size of the blank medics disc you will be using for the backup in the drop down window with the word Quality next to it, DVD5=compression and DVD9=no compression
5.) Depending on if you have one or two DVD Writers hooked to your computer,
a.) If you only have one DVD Writer connected to your computer then you will have to wait until the program has finished the copying process to your hard drive and then you will be asked to insert a blank media disc into the drive,
b.) If you have two DVD Writers connected to your computer put in the original disc into one of the DVD drives(making sure this drive is selected as the Source),
And put a blank media disc into your other DVD drive(making sure this drive is selected as the Target),
After the program reads and copies the movie from the DVD Drive that contains the original DVD disc the program will then start the burning process to the DVD Drive containing the blank media disc
6.) Click the start button at the lower right corner to start the process

Is this going to allow me to put the movie onto my IPOD. For all the other training movies I have, I just put the disc into the computer, DVD fab came up and I selected IPOD, and hit start. When it was finished, it went to a DVDFAB file, and then I just had to import the movie from that file into my ITUNES. I am not trying to put it onto another disc. I put this particular movie in yesterday (again) and just let it be, after hitting itunes, start. etc. and it took over 7 hours, and it still did the same thing. At the start of the actual movie in a DVD player, it has the play and titles choices. HOw to I go straight to play for my ipod do that what theyare saying is ontime with what they are actually doing on the movie.

Morning Debbie in my last post I recommended that for help go to the DVDFAB Forum as you will get quicker response almost right away instead of waiting sometimes days for an answer, there from a bunch of knowlegeable guys, The FAB guys really don’t hang out in this forum and only pop in once in awhile, Good Luck