New here and to backing up my DVDs



Can I use DVD FAB Gold to rip movies and scenes that are downloaded (legally) from the internet and even if so are there another programs that work much better for this operation?




Hi Eric,

We’ll be happy to try to help, but it’s unclear to me exactly what it is you’re trying to do.
So you have some movies that you downloaded to your hdd.
Now you want to “rip movies and scenes”…?
Do you mean you want to burn these to a blank dvd?..since they are already on your hdd and you can play them with a variety of software players.

Are you able to view these movies from your hdd?
If you’re having trouble, please download and install VLC…it’s free and a little gem of a player…does not rely on outside codecs.
There’s a link in my sig…:wink:

As far as burning to a dvd with gold, it would depend on the format of the files you’re trying to burn.
We would need some specifics here.
I have Platinum, not Gold. With respect to re-authoring…manipulating scenes, etc., platinum can do this, to a point, but I don’t think Gold can…not certain of this.

You’d be better off to use shrink for re-authoring, . It’s free and very useful for this kind of thing.

Hope this helps.