New HD projector equals 200" TV screen

I just posted the article New HD projector equals 200" TV screen.

Yesterday Pioneer showcased their newest HD projector, the “Liquid Crystal on Silicon” (LCoS) KRF-9000FD. Pioneer showed the projector at the High End Trade Show in Munich and promised a…

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200 inch, wow that is amazing! This is probably aswesome, but I wonder how much $$$ it is? BTW what’s the new check below? Notification on new comments?

hi “IkbenHenk” this is a new experimental feature to help members to be up-to-date about new comments. I hope you like it.

200 inches? That’s almost 17 feet !!! Good luck finding a wall in your home to watch a 17 foot movie on. I have a home theatre in my basement and my screen is about 110 inches diagonal. That’s plenty big for most people. Also, 600 lumens? WTF? The room will have to be pitch black in order to watch your movie. 600 lumens is nothing. My glow-in-the-dark Scooby-Doo boxers give off about 300 lumens. :stuck_out_tongue:
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DukeNukem, if I remember correctly, ANSI Lumens are going to rate out a little different than just stating peak lumens. They will be an average of several points on the display screen multiplied by the screen area. It’s supposed to be a more accurate means of measuring brightness. 600 should be enough for most rooms built to handle this projector. Though I’m sure it’d be best to make it a dark room anyway. :slight_smile: