New HD, now fan never shuts off

the other day my old Maxtor 60gb HD finally Died. I bought a new 160gb one, ever since I installed that, the fan never stops running. I also had to buy XP pro because my bundled setup discs from 2001 did not understand this new HD. I have a Sony Vaio PCV RX550, anyone have any suggestions for getting the fan to be intermitent like it used to be, almost feels like Im sitting next to a vacuum cleaner all the time. So far it hasnt overeated or shut down, I just anticipate problems if this continues.

Perhaps the HD is running hot, forcing the thermal sensor inside the PC to turn on the fan. My guess is that you’ve disconnected/mis-connected a wire, causing the fan to run continuously.

The recovery CDs should work with ANY hard drive. You may need to format and set an ACTIVE PRIMARY partition in the hard drive prior to loading the recovery CDs. Contact Sony for support.

well the thing about calling sony is they charge ridiculous fees for even phone tech support after the warranty runs out, quite frankly I’m poor and cant afford “by the minute” rates for tech support at this point. I think once they sell you a computer you should be entitled to ask them for phone assistance without having to pay for it, its one thing if you have to drop it off, that I can see paying for. but all I need is some sugestions cause once I find out what to do, I can usually do it. I guess I’ll have a look to see if anything is misconnected, I thought Id be okay if I stuck with the same brand of HD, BTW XP pro only recognizes 152gb of a 160GB drive, not that Im gonna live or die by 8GB but why cant it see all 160?

152 GB is all the usable space on a 160GB HD, 233 on a 250

Go back in and reconnect the plug for the main board that controls the fan speed. It probably popped off during the time you took the drive cage out.