New HD-DVD standalone player announced by Toshiba

I just posted the article New HD-DVD standalone player announced by Toshiba.

According to a news published at Crave C|NET, the Toshiba HD-EP10 is the cheapest 1080p high-definition player yet.Unveiled at CeBIT, this drive will be available in May, at a price of about…

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$925??? To watch HD movies??? Hehehehe, hilarious. Where do they come up with these ****ng ridiculous pricing schemes?

Not sure. They can kiss my hairy butt, though. No way I’m gonna shell out that kind of dough for something that may be obsolete in a couple of years.

Well dudes, first its for a player, not a drive. :B And secondly, in NA it will probably be cheaper than in Britain.

That is insanely expensive…

Oh, please forgive me. I didnt realize it was a player. Sign me up for a dozen. Lets see, how much did I pay for my last DVD “player”??? $29 I believe I paid for a “player”.

Of course it’s expensive, try to remember the prices of DVD players back in the late 1990’s. not quite $29 :slight_smile: give it a year, maybe 2 and judge again :S