New HD advice

Ive got a standard 6mnth old pc.
80gb/512mb/Amd xp2400/asus mb/litey 812s

I want to get a 2nd HD. Probably either 80 or 100gb .
Im running XPSp2, when i connect it up, will it matter which of the spare cables I plug it into ? Xp will recognise + install yeah?

It will be used maily for movie storage + burning.
I normally rip with decrypter- then use shrink to create an iso and burn with decrypter.

Once installed should I be ripping to one HD- and creating the iso on the other? If so which one for which?

Get at least 160Gb (or greater), you’ll get the best value out of those.
In general I would recommend you to get a Hitachi 7k250 which you replace your current system drive with and use the latter for storage. Mainly because the new one will most likely be much faster than your current one.

yeah, i also only can recommend you to take a hitachi, as i have only made very very good experience with these ones…

Allright cool, I’ll look for Hitachi’s.

Any advice on the setup though?
Would it make any difference in which drive to rip to, and which to burn from?
Once I have 2 drives, is it better to create the .iso on the other drive, not on the one that the original ripped files are on?

it really doesnt matter I have used dual drive setup for quite some time and I have never seen a difference. but I generally use my secondary drive as download and storage so most fo the stuff I burn is burned from that drive. I would check out seagate drives they are excellent drives and have a 5 year warranty.