New hardware revision of Sony PlayStation 2 comes to U.K



I just posted the article New hardware revision of Sony PlayStation 2 comes to U.K..

Some console news today as GristyMcFisty lets us know
that a new revision of Sony’s PlayStation 2 console is scheduled to arrive this week in the United Kingdom. According
to the article,…

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Old news This model was spotted allready more then a month befor in the UK. Allready the SCPH-5000X series can allready be found else were in Europe. (Still Sony is selling the old ones in the combined packages.) For the 5000x series only the new Messiah 2 V1.31 seems to be working as a modchip so far.


Not exactly true. DMS has its own mod that supports the new 5000x series. Also Matrix will be released in some days which fully supports V9 machines (5000x). Anyway, it’s true the new revision consoles have been here around for 2 months. regards, Stephen