New Hardware Named Wrong Under XP Pro



I just installed my new Lite-On LTR-40125W drive (removed Plextor 12/10/32A) and now I see an odd issue under Windows XP. When going to My Computer/Explorer, the drives are referred to as "CD Drive" and my zip drive is now referred to as Removable Disk. The drives function normally from what I can tell, but they just don't appear properly anymore. I spoke to MS (actually on hold w/them, finishing up the call), and they're pretty retarded... :rolleyes: Any ideas on what is going on? Hardware specs/setup:

ABIT BX6 Rev 1
Intel PIII 600
Windows XP Pro
WD HD1 on Promise Ultra100 controller as Master
WD HD2 on Primary IDE as Master
Lite-On LTR-40125W on Secondary IDE as Master
Toshiba SD-M1402 on Secondary IDE as Slave
Zip Drive on LPT1

Thanks for any help you may provide.


Ok, odd, uninstalling and reinstalling Nero took care of the problem. Nero was used w/my Plextor, just find it odd that Nero affected the drive names… :confused: Thanks anyway! :smiley:


Nero does that, really? Well I don’t really see the problem with your drive names though, yeah the CD should be CD-RW. I had this problem once cause I messed with the the services, you know the background programs that XP runs. What did it used to say with your Plextor?



That is strange. I have the same problem the Stealth DVD drive created by Daemon Tools is labeled only as a CD Drive under My Computer and not DVD , it used to show up as DVD. My Plextor burner just shows up as a CD Drive and it used to show up as cdrw … and my scsi zip shows up as removeable but I think it always did that.

I uninstalled Nero and still have the same problem… Oh well they still work just as good but it is annoying


Ya, I still don’t understand why Nero affected the naming schemes. I mean, sure maybe the CD-RW, but why would it affect the Zip and other CD devices (including my virtual daemon tools volume). I guess cause they’re all considered removable media? Who really knows…


I doubt it was nero. It probably has something to do with Auto-Insert Notification.

But I’m just guessing! Either way, it won’t affect the drive


It could be, as while this problem was in effect, Auto Insert didn’t work, ie: when insterting zip disks, or blank CD-Rs it would not pop up an Action window as usual. After uninstalling/reinstalling all went back to normal. :confused: