New Hardware Has Problems. Help! Its Driving Me Up The Wall!



New hardware:
Asus A7N8X-X
Full Tower ATX Case
Promise Ultra 133 TX2 IDE controller card

I installed the Asus A7N8X-X nForce 2 motherboard into my new full tower atx case.

PC was stable with everything in it. 10 Hours of Prime95 + SiSoft Sandra burn in wizard.

But, the on-board audio produces crackly noises and high pitched whine on the speakers, and also makes noise when I move the mouse or the hard drive is accessed. But the thing is, if I play sound, there is virtually no distortion (unaudible unless I put my ear up to the speakers). This doesnt seem to be uncommon for theis motherboard.

And thats not all, my USB devices (Aztech modem + memory stick) usually dont work. ie, slow to respond on plug-in, 90% of the time the memory stick shows up with nothing on it and a capacity of 0bytes.

I downloaded the latest drivers, latest BIOS and nada, nothing. No effect.

So in the end, I couldnt work it out and am currently running my old MSI KT4V where the speakers work perfectly, as well as my USB devices, in the same case, on the power supply.

But I still have 1 problem. And thats the stuttering whenever the hard drive is active, although it seems to be delayed. For example, I play an mp3 in winamp, open MyIE2 and the audio stutters after its been loaded up for the time it took to load the program.

The hard drive is on the Promise controller on an 80-wire conductor cable. My 165H is on its own 80-wire cable on the motherboards primary channel, the 52246S 24102B are on an 80-wire IDE cable on the motherboard secondary channel.

Please help, Im getting pretty :a :a :a :a at the moment.

If you can help, thanks a lot.


What PCI slot is the card in? Any other cards in there? Check for conflicts and sharing. If you have the onboard SATA ports disabled, use PCI-3 for the Promise card, and disable all onboard hardware that you’re not using.


Thanks for the reply rdgrimes, I appreciate it!

Neither of the boards have SATA, and I assume that PCI-3 is the 3rd PCI slot from the AGP card? If so then the Promise card is in the 6th slot (on the MSI board ATM). Ill try moving it to PCI-3 ASAP.

Currently theres a 3-Com NIC and a D-Link modem (soon to be replaced with external USB), so well see how it goes.

Once again, thanks.


Sorry, I didn’t see the “X” in the MB model. In any case, your problems sound like conflicts and sharing issues. Have a look in system information under hardware and see what it says. The conflicts to avoid are any sharing with the video and any sharing with the controller. Make very sure to disable all the unused onboard hardware in BIOS.
The USB issues sometimes seem to clear themselves up on the Nforce boards, you have to keep re-installing the USB devices for a while. You can try using a powered USB hub to get around it.


Well, like I said, Ive temporarily given up on the nForce 2 board and am currently using the MS-6712. But I did solve the audio stuttering, I stuck the hard drive on the on-board IDE. Both burners are on the Promise card.

I placed the promise card in PCI-3, but it made no difference, and now for some reason I cant get my USB modem to work. It detects, installs drivers, connects to the net, no data is transferred, then it disconnects about 1:30 after connecting. Im using a PCI modem at the moment and its working fine.

But I can definatly say, this experience with the hardware is really pissing me off. Never had problems liek this before.


Your burners won’t work on a Promise card, they will be stuck in PIO and 16x max speed.
USB modems are fairly well known for having problems. I think the best approach for you would be to remove everything and start adding them back one at a time, checking for IRQ sharing, until you find the one that’s causing the problems. Again, be sure to disable all onboard hardware that’s not in use, like serial port, parallel port, etc.




Was this a clean install after you installed your new mobo?


Thanks everyone for the help, Ill try again, as rdgrimes suggested, adding one thing at a time and well see how we go.

@SkYLiNe - Yeah, its a clean windows xp install, 4 times over in fact.