New Harddrive?

I’m looking for a new harddrive and I’ll be glad about any tip which model I should choose because I’m not very familiar with this type of hardware. It has to be at least 160GB, quiet and of course reliable. Thanks for any reply :).

Hitachi’s 7K250 series they are almost as quiet as Seagate’s HDDs (~1dBA) although noticable faster. WD and Maxtor are louder than Hitachi (if anyone wonders).

MY WD Raptors, and 250GB is dead freakin silent. I have WD 10GB, 17GB, 60GB, another 10GB, and a 6.4GB, all quiet except 1 of them, forget which one, and even that is not so loud. Maxtor is quiet depending on the model. Seagate I noticed is not quiet, except the barracuda series. Had only these brands, and a hitachi I traded but it clicked, alhtough I think it was a laptop drive.

Raptors are far from silent.

Which ones do you own, I have the 36GB ones and you can put your ear to the case and not hear a single thing, I dunno if the 74GB one’s are not silent, but the 36GB ones feel like the case is empty.

RDG owns many, maybe he hears something :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I don’t, but I’ve been told that you can hear a high pitched noise which is common for high speed drives and if you can hear a Seagate 7200.7 , Hitachi 7k250 (I’ve both) you can certainly notice a 10k rpm drive (excluding the possibility that you may have high performance fans that are noisy etc).

I would suggest Hitachi. Personally have a good experience with these drives.

OK, and so now you hear otherwise, so how do you know for sure, I own a pair, not 1 but 2 of these, and if I turn off 3 fans in my system, and there is not even a slight bit of clicking, let alone a screetch, don’t believe everything you hear dude.

But don’t let my experience alone hinder a conclusion, if you would like start a thread about noisy drives, compare up some drive names, and have people respond. This is now slightly off topic. Lots of people who post here have or encountered raptors, I am sure you will get much feedback.

I have some Raptors (36Gb) as well. To be exact: I have two of them in a RAID-0 setup. As this is RAID-0, they always work at the same time (producing the double amount of noise).

Are they noisy? Well that depends… comparing them to my somewhat older 40Gb harddisk, they are dead silent. My newer Maxtor discs with the liquid baring system are somewhat less noisy, but the difference is not that much. When the discs are stressing I can hear them, but it’s not a lot of noise they produce. As said, they are somewhat noisier than most 7200rpm discs, but the difference is under the 20% I’d say. Considering the fact that these are 10000rpm discs I think they are dead silent (especially when compared to 10000rpm SCSI discs). BTW, when using only one disc (so no RAID), it’s quite hard to hear them. I thank WD for creating them :slight_smile:

So it’s verified, Raptors are noiser than 7200rpm drives hence not silent.

Have 2 Raptor 36’s (old version) and 2 Barracuda 160’s running. The 160’s are in RAID-1, so they write/read at the same time. The Raptors are in RAID-0. The Raptors are quieter when accessing, the 160’s are fairly noisy when accessing. When idling, I can’t hear any of them, but then I have 10 case fans running. :iagree:
I like to hear some noise when HD’s are active, that way I know what’s going on. Personally, I would endure any amount of noise from the Raptors in exchange for the performance I see. But they are easily the quietest drives I’ve owned. I suspect it has a lot to do with the massive heat sinks on them.

I went to my local dealer today and bought a Samsung SP1614N (160GB, 7200rpm, 8MB Cache, ATA-133) which he recommended. Now it’s in my PC and it’s really quite and I’m happy with it. Thanks for the replies :).

Samsung 80GB platter HDDs were announced very long ago. Hitachi 400GB 7K400 seems to do well but it’s 4x more expensive than a Samsung 160GB.

I’ve had good experiences with Seagate, Maxtor, Samsung, Fujitsu. Not good with Western Digital and IBM. So many drives I lost in the past that I bought 10 more 80mm fans for purely cooling hard disk drives this week. 3 WD 2000JD, several 1600BB/LB, a few IBM SCSI/IDE, lots of WD former models… I bought and used many WD HDDs from 1990s and 2002. Not good. I again bought and used 30 WD HDDs in 2003 and 2004. Worse. Western Digital should set up one reliable partner in South Korea. No partner that are responsible for warranty seems to be in the market for more than 2 or 3 years. Samsung can’t do that because it’d cost them hundreds of trillion Won.

From 12 years of experiences with HDDs, I liked Fujitsu HDDs most, for both 2.5 and 3.5 inch form factor. Alps, Quantum, Connor… bought too few of them to have direct experiences.

XBitlabs and Storagereview recommend Samsung’s P80 160GB for those sensitive to noise and care about heat. I use too many noisy fans to notice much difference but heat is what I notice when an HDD dies mechanically. I can touch both sides of an HDD when it happens because they are right in front of my keyboard and there’s nothing but air between them and me. Usually as hot as overclocked Athlon Thundirbirds without Alpha.

Concerning to your post my Samsung was a good choice :).

What are doing with 30 harddrives :eek: :confused:

I love my Samsung Spinpoint 160GB w/8MB cache (SATA version). It is so much more quiet than my old WD 160GB SE drive.

The samsung is a great balance of price/performance/noise (lack of)/3 year warranty (or is it 5 now?).

I had mutliple times bad experience with ibm hitachi and seagate.
IBM wasnt really a surprise lol died 2times first after a half year and then after 3 days when i got the hd back from repair.(got the money back)
Then i bought a hitachi my bad luck it was a rebadged ibm lol.
and the seagate was an old part that died already 6years ago but i think if one drive from a manufacturer dies within 1 year then it can happen to every other drive too from the same manufacturer. (i know sounds stupid)
I now use 2 samsungs (i was surprised that they are damn coool not like 47°C with an ibm or seagate hd)
I would say samsung is the bets price-quality ratio for HDs atm here in germany i can get now 160Gigs for only 79€ or less and now i want to buy 2 new ones.
Ah i forgot to mention do your hds a favor and dont use them 24/7 without a little break it could happen that they die. :Z

I think it’s 3 years in the US market. 5 years only from Seagate for IDE HDDs at this time. In South Korea, only 2 years for Samsung HDDs and 1 year for Samsung ODDs. You buy Samsung HDDs at lower prices and with longer warranty than South Koreans, usual of Samsung.

Backup, what else?

About 10 very close friends in Seoul and a few other cities in South Korea who have stayed in my (private?) site long enough often wanted to have a place to backup online and share their private files with the rest of us. Since nobody else offered multi-terabyte space on personal expense, I did that just like what I’ve done for over 10 years. That was also why I started buying CD writers and then again DVD writers. It became obvious I was buying optical drives so often that sometimes I had accesses to more of them than many professional reviewers and resellers. That justified all these activities.

Some people may look at me as if I were crazy and had nothing better to spend money. Think twice, and third time, and fourth time and persuade yourselves that you can do the same thing. It’s a good idea to have 10TB or even 1PB that is 24 hours and 365 days online connected 10MB/s or even 100MB/s internet when most expensive IDC servers offer far less space and far narrower bandwidth and no intimate control over the physical servers and hard disk drives and surely you cannot backup the data in a very short time. 10TB costs just US$5K. Most US people smart and lucky enough to graduate from HMS or MIT should be able to earn more than that in a week and if you have 9 more people, daily cost per capita to add 10TB HDD every month becomes as little as under US$20. Not exactly like that, but the whole idea about “webhard” was similar which has become very popular lately. When I opened a club at one of such services in the middle of this year, they gave me 1TB space instantly and the speed for upload and download was 5MB/s or 40Mbps. It was at least 10MB/s before long-time users say. I was the only user and 1TB was instant. mail service gives only 0.001TB to each account. I’d be impressed if it were something like dedicated 1PB per capita.

There are applications for using PB disk space even now. Try to store 1920*1080 HD video in your PC. One channel will consume 100TB in about one year, MPEG-2 compressed but not resized and that’s only the beginning. People complain there are not ready means and technologies to make their ideas and wish to come true. When they are ready, they complain there are no practical applications and use of them. The electronics and computer industry responded to people’s wish with HDTV, after 40 years of expensive efforts. People are not buying because they think HD is too much for them. Some people are early adopters and the rest are backward. But most people want too much for their lifetime efforts and are backward at the same time.

It was not directed for you, kalas. I kinda think I should have chosen Samsung HDDs instead of WD even if Samsung cost 20% more. But how many worse decisions have I made?

y do u have all those tiny hd’s? u could get one bigger than all them for 99 bucks ??

I also have some 6.4GB HDDs. They would weigh as much as me if packed inside a box together. One 7K400 Hitachi 400GB must be larger and easier to use than those. Sometimes I do use them though. It’s better to use 6.4GB HDD than 160GB HDD for very simple tasks. It’s always better to have backup OS-installed bootable HDDs. The more, the better. 6.4GB HDDs can be used as “temp” folders for 4.7GB DVD folders for Nero Burning Rom.