New hard drive- Raid or no?

I am planning on buying a new hard drive in the next few days. I presently have the WD Raptor 36 gig 10,000 rpm model. Looking around online it seems that $109 is the going price for this drive.

The question is, should I buy another 36 gig raptor for $109 or buy the 74 gig Raptor for $150 ish range? I plan to use Raid 0 on them for increased performance. I know if I get the larger HD I will loose the space on it beyond my origional HDs 36 gigs. That is 38 gigs lost space but that would allow me to buy another 74 gig raptor later and raid them and use the 36 for non speed essential storage.

I really dont need the space, only about 16 gigs of 36 used now on this drive, I just want a faster HD combo and this seems like the direction to go. Or I should buy a non raptor and no raid? Any suggestions?

You’re going to gain almost nothing with RAID-0, unless you have a second array of equal or greater speed. Also, RAID-0 with different drives is rarely a good idea.

The best use of your money will be to buy the second Raptor of any size, and use the 2 drives separately, one for OS and applications, and the second as a scratch disc where you place your temp files or anything else that will benefit from the speed gained by having 2 Raptors talking to each other. If your old Raptor is a SATA1 model, then you will see a boost in speed with the newer 16MB SATA2 models, so the newer one would be the choice for OS and applications.

Once again, the speed gained from RAID-0 is in [I]sustained[/I] transfers only, so unless you have 2 arrays working off each other, you won’t see that speed.

Exactly, RAID0 will give you nothing, even with this 10,000 rpm drives.

great info, thank you very much.

This Raptor I have now has served to so well, 7 years and running and with about 4 years of constant on duty. With a track record like that I have to go back to WD and the Raptor.

Yup, great drives all around. You have the 1st revision and you should notice the newer drives are a little snappier. Like I said, I’d use a new one for your OS and applications, and retire the old one to be used for scratch and temp files.

just 4 years old according to the first reviews, mine are a little over 3 years old

if you’ve ever had a stripe crash on you, you quickly lose any appreciation for the increased speed, after the second crash I decided to give up on them

I swear I have had this computer longer than 4 years. Wow, I just asked my wife and she thinks it is 4-5 years. Just goes to prove, women have oh so much better command of linear time!! Thanks for the correction. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had XP boot as fast as when using RAID-0. :wink: