New hard drive makes low clicking sounds

I bought a new Seagate Barracuda 7200.8, 400GB from here:

after already owning the same version, but instead at 200 GB when it started occasionally making higher sounding clicking noises so I got paranoid because I have stuff on it though maybe to my mistake I shouldn’t have bought the same model again even though it was bigger as this one is also making clicking sounds moreso albeit at a lower volume. I got it because I wanted a new hard drive to transfer all of my stuff from that other clicking hard drive and I’ve managed to transfer most of the stuff over, but I’ll do it in stages as if I do it all-at-once I’ve noticed when it clicks for example when I transfer a file over that usually takes four minutes it won’t continue with the data transference until it stops clicking so I just drag the file folders over from the other drive’s window to the newer one. I’m paranoid because I want to give it a rest incase it makes it fail altogether and someone on shoutbox thought he/she read somewhere that there’s a problem with this hard drive. Is this true and will it last long?

Usually loud clicks are due to recalibrations of the drive, mostly caused by a overheating of the disc.

There are many software that can read temperatures from internal sensors, like HDTune (that is also free). Check if your drive temperature is too high, and eventually put a fan over the disk to improve cooling :slight_smile:

You can also run a check disc test to find if there are damaged sectors (just to be sure that the disk is not damaged). You can use HDTune, but usually every brand have the dedicated tool to run diagnostic on the disc. So download the diagnostic tool at Seagate website, and test the disc.

The newer hard drive starts clicking in data transference as soon as I turn it on so it’s not a cooling problem and the other has been known to as well, but I’ll do a hard drive test then let you know the results just as soon as I’ve transferred all of the data from that other hard drive. I’ve thought about returning it but what if my back-up fails then?

The most important thing is to recover all data asap.

You can store the backup on another HDD or you can burn it on DVDs or both just to be sure :slight_smile:

Finally got around to testing the drive and I downloaded the Windows version of Seagate Tools where it passed all the tests, but it took its time though I haven’t had time to do the very long test I think it’s just an unreliable drive. I’m not going to buy a hard drive from eBay ever again and thanks for helping me on this maybe it’s the firmware?

I suggest to get this one :slight_smile:

You can test the suspicious HDD as follows in HD Tune. You can download it here (the free version is fine.)

Test 1:

Select your hard disk from the drop down and go into the health tab:

Both the red highlighted values above should show “0” in the data column. If either shows 1 or higher, this means that the hard disk has started encountering problems. If either shows 10 or higher, I would not recommend using the hard disk.

Test 2:

Go into the “Error Scan” tab and click ‘Start’. Do no tick the “Quick Scan” option. It can take a few hours for this scan to complete. If one or more red dots appear, the hard disk has defective sectors.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s own diagnostic tools generally do a quick surface scan and random seek tests, which means that they can easily miss defective spots on a defective HDD.

Same issue happened to me in the past. I bought a HDD for someone looking to replace a HDD in their old laptop and I was unable to find anywhere that had an IDE HDD in stock at the time. So I bought a refurbished one off eBay and sure enough, it failed 2 months later.

[QUOTE=geno888;2466333]I suggest to get this one :)[/QUOTE]

Wanna buy me one? :stuck_out_tongue: Only joking of course but thanks for the suggestion.

Sean thanks for the wealth of information you’ve provided me and I’ll be sure to try out what you’ve suggested in a day or so then I’ll report back.

[QUOTE=Seán;2466362]Same issue happened to me in the past. I bought a HDD for someone looking to replace a HDD in their old laptop and I was unable to find anywhere that had an IDE HDD in stock at the time. So I bought a refurbished one off eBay and sure enough, it failed 2 months later.[/QUOTE]

Bet it’s probably defective or recalled stock that’s being flogged or summit.

Buying a used drive from ebay has already been covered so no need to rehash here. Only other point I would add is that improper handling and/or shipping has destroyed many drives, whether from private sales or from reputable vendors like Newegg, Amazon or any online seller.

Here’s a screenshot for Test 1 and as you can see Reallocated Sector Count shows 9, but Current Pending Sector 0:

Here’s a screenshot for Test 2 and as you can see there’re no damaged blocks:

Just out of curiosity, how long ago did you buy that hard disk?

Going by the screenshot, that hard disk has clocked up 6758 hours! So if your PC was running countinously around the clock, this is the equivalent to 9 months continuous operation. So if you bought this hard disk within the past 9 months, you have been sold a used/refurbished hard disk advertised as “New”… :eek:

While the hard disk was able to read every sector, going by the elapsed time on your 2nd screenshot, your hard disk appears to have struggled along the way, as this gives an average read speed of just under 24MB/s, which is less than half the average most read at. With this along with the reallocated sector count, I would not recommend using this hard disk for any serious data.

02/10/09 is when I bought the supposed new hard drive and actually the scanning speed was faster than that (I forgot what speed), but that’s just the speed as it finished. It’s too late to send it back now and I didn’t know about HD Tune before now so I can still leave bad feedback. I’ll report back with the speed.

I must’ve misread what you typed when I looked at the second screenshot because I ran it through again and I got 28.75 MB/s. I’m going to leave him bad feedback soon and thank goodness eBay no longer allows sellers to leave bad feedback in return. I’d like to thank you all for helping me and telling me about HD Tune because it’s useful.

Or you figured out the average speed based upon the amount of elapsed time it took to complete the scan.

I didn’t send it back because I’d already transferred some data as back-up from my other failing hard drive so incase the other failed I’d at least be able to get it back from this before it failed, but it’s already failed now anyway.