New hard drive, how to

I just picked up an Serial ATA USB hard drive a flea market , no instructions, Any help on how to utiize it? I hooked it up and is showing on"Computer", far as I got. T.I.A.

So format the drive( if not already) and start using it…

I may not have made myself clear, I have no idea how to format the drive, nor how to access it when formatted.

the windows would have assigned a drive letter to it.
open windows explorer and check if the new drive is showing.
then you can access it as any other folder.

Right click on my explorer icon on desk top , then click manage, click disk management,
then select the HD that you want then right click and then click format (Make sure you don’t select the disc that says ( Healthy System ) as that is your HD that your operating system is on.

Thanks all, got it now .