New Hard Disk

Hello guys… Once again I have a noob question. I am saving up some money to buy a new hard disk for my dell dimension 1100.
My current disk is 37gb I am planning on buying the new disk at a local “computersplus” store.
here is the list i got for my price range from the computersplus website…

IDE Hard Disk
Western Digital 80GB 7,200RPM Ultra ATA/100 $47.99
Western Digital 80GB 7,200RPM 8MB Buffer $48.99
Seagate 100GB Internal IDE 7200 RPM $49.99
120GB 7,200RPM ULTRA ATA/10 $56.99
120GB 7,200RPM 8MB Buffer $58.99
Western Digital 200GB 7,200RPM 8MB Buffer $65.99
Western Digital 250GB 7,200RPM 2MB buffer $65.99
Western Digital 250GB 7,200RPM 8MB Buffer $67.99
Seagate 320GB Internal Ultra ATA- 16MB $83.99
Seagate Maxtor 300GB Int HDD 7200 RPM $83.99
Seagate 250GB Internal Ultra ATA 16MB $88.99
Western Digital 320GB 7,200RPM Retail Kit $90.99
Western Digital 250GB 7,200RPM Retail Kit $93.99
Seagate Maxtor 500GB Int HDD 7200 RPM $106.99
Western Digital 80GB SATA HDD 7200 RPM $46.99
Seagate 160GB Internal SATA II 7200RPM $66.99
160GB Internal SATA 8MG 3GB/S $72.99
Western Digital 160GB SATA Int. Retail Kit $75.99
Western Digital 250GB SATA II 16MB-Retail Kit $78.99
Seagate Maxtor 300GB Intl SATA II 7200 $86.99
Western Digital 320GB SATA II 16MB $90.99
200GB Internal SATA II 7200RPM $91.99
Seagate 320GB Int SATA16MB 1.5G $97.99
Western Digital 400GB SATA II Int. Retail Kit $104.99
Seagate Maxtor 500GB Int. SATA 7200RPM $109.99
Seagate 500GB Int. SATAII 16MG 3GB $114.99
Western Digital 160GB, 7200, 8MB $49.99

First of all: Would I need to get an IDE Drive or a Sata Drive?
Second: When I buy one of these drives, will I need to buy any additional items???
Third: What is mb buffer, Do I want a higher mb buffer or lower mb buffer?

once again I have a dell dimension 1100
–And just in case you need them here are some of my specs>
Windows XP Home Edition SP2
1GB ram

by the way I want at least 120GB hard disk:)

Besides what your looking for have you made any changes to your system hardware from when you first bought? From the looks of it your HDD should be IDE connectors for motherboard from Dell site, but make sure the cable is 80 pin as well and are you going to make it the Master or Slave drive? Also you want to update your O/S to SP3 as well. For memory buffer 8MB should work for everyday use but if you do alot of video or HDD intensive apps you should go with 16MB. Also make sure the drive is 7200 rpm not 5400 rpm. Now days you should if budget allows go to atleast 250G to start unless your using multiple drive setup with one main drive. If you plan to get a sata drive your going to have to get a sata card to use your PCI slot. Also make sure your PS has connectors for sata HDD as well if you decide to go that route. You have to get the basics down first before making change or hardware updates.

:cool: Seagate 320GB Internal Ultra ATA- 16MB $83.99 :iagree:

You can never have too much space!

it turns out the computers plus store was out of stock of the good stuff so instead i bought a western digital 80 gb ide 2mb and when i put it in my pc it didnt work at all… Ive tried everything(switching the jumper from master from slave from cable and everything) so i just took it out put it bakc in the package and i am gonna get my money back… So i classified it as not working… I wouldve taken it back today but they close 5:00pm on sunday so tomorrow on monday i will take it back and ask them what the hell?


I’m with THE C. - you can never have enough room nor cache - it is nothing short of amazing what a difference between a 2 and a 16 mb cache makes-eh!!

I went back to the store on wednesday june 4th and bought a western digital 320GB 8mb buffer disk for like almost 100 dollars total, I havent got to try it out yet But I hope it is good I will pray:)

DJB First off did you format the first one you bought ? A new hard drive has to be formatted before you can install anything on it. It’s not just a plug in and load

For one yes i did. You have to in order to even install the os. Im not a noob even though I may look like one lol
I partitionted it off c and d
Put the main installation on c
and im gonna reserve the d part for music and games and shit like that

by the way the first one i bought … It wasent even detected in the bios. I even changed the jumper around as i said before. First i tryed master, then slave, then cable, then so on, nothing was detected therfore there is nothing to install or format anything…

OK good the reason I asked is that a lot of people don’t know that, I myself hate a partitioned hard drive so I just use one big c drive anyway glad to hear that you got it squared away