New Hard Disk



Hi All,

I have just added a second 80 Gb SATA HDD to my system. My 160Gb SATA drive has my OS and I plan to use my second HDD for DVD ripping. My DVD Burner is on the primary IDE port, my 160 GB HDD is on SATA0 and my 80Gb HDD is on SATA1.

This makes my DVD burner Primary and my HDD’s secondary…does this matter? Also…should I be looking at moving my swapfile to the second HDD if I am going to be ripping to it also, or should I just leave it on C:???


If your HD’s are sata, then primary/secondary, doesn’t really matter much. It’s all good.


Thanks again.


If you are gonna be ripping to the second HD 24/7, then not much point moving the Swap file to it.

If you aren’t though, make a small 1050MB partition at the start of your new HD & make it your swap partition :wink:
If you feel it’s warranted, you can even keep a small swap file/ swap partition on your main HD, 256/512MB should do :wink:


Definitely going to rip to it…


I found a huge decrease in processing time when using 2 drives. Make sure you set your temp files to the opposing HD from where the ripped files are. As it encodes, using 1 drives for ripped files and the second drive for the temp encoded files can cut the time in half. I also found that ripping to two HDs at a time allowed the same transfer rate as with a single drive and a single rip.


What do you mean by two hd’s at a time?

By temp file I assume you mean the ‘working directory’ as is stated in the 1clickdvdcopy options settings? I thought this folder was only used if copying from dvd to dvd?


I use one HD for the ripped files and the other for the temp storage of the re-encoding of the files as they are compressed to fit on the SL disc. I am not familiar with 1clickdvdcopy, but it should also need to use this temp file before it burns a disc.


WHat program do you use?


AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. I get the same speed increase with DVDShrink and I also see speed increases if I rip with DVDDcrypter to two drives instead of one.


I’m not sure if I follow you. I just installed a second HD a few days ago and use AnyDVD/CloneDVD. The software is in the first drive and I rip to CloneDVDtemp in the second drive. Is this what you mean or are there some other settings I should try?


I can’t really follow what you are doing but it is much easier to just follow what your drives are doing to make them faster. Just make sure that the drive that is holding the data is not the same drive that is writing the re-encoded temp. files that are waiting to be burned to the disc. If you are using AnyDVD it makes no difference. I don’t think it makes any difference where the program files are either.

If you are ripping to a hard disc first then it does make a difference. Just make sure the CloneDVD temp file drive (you see the box at the bottom right just before you click GO) is not the drive where the ripped files are stored. Try both ways on a big fat set of files form a DL disc that need lot of compression and watch the estimate of time until the write process starts. You’ll see what I mean.