New H22N question

Hi, I just bought an LG H22N burner and it seems pretty good. Does anyone know if a region-free firmware is yet available for this model?


No, you have to wait new firmware release and request TDB to patch it.

Thanks for the info. So if I understand correctly the only firmware currently available is that which is shipped with the drive, there is none to download and none to patch. I guess I’ll just have to wait. :doh:

The drive is so good with the first firmware release it might be a while…

I’m thinking of picking one of these up today. I currently have an H10N in a Vantec Nexstar2 USB enclosure and while in the enclosure, it cannot burn audio CD’s. I think using an H10N in any enclosure with a Prolific chipset results in the same problem. I know there’s a workaround for that involving cross-flashing, but does anybody know if the H22N has the same issue?

I tested a H22N in a external enclosure using firewire and the results are good but the performance is awful. :disagree:

This enclosure works at 14x-15x with 4163B.

Well, incase anybody else wanted to know, I picked one up today and it works great.

(using USB) with firmware from Jan 2005.

I burned some audio CD’s no problem and also did a couple 4.5 GB Images on 16X +R and -R media in 5:48.

I’m happy with that.

please tell us what chipset your enclosure uses, so we can see which one works and which not.