New guy with stupid question about regions

ok first off i want to say ive learned alot here by lurking around. ive been looking for one thing and i havent found the answer, sorry if i just overlooked it and im repeating something common or its something everyone should know. i did see soemthing about anydvd being a region killer, but wasnt sure if this is what it ment.

when i use clonedvd i noticed that the burned copy was region free. does it make all back-ups region free? could i take a region 2 dvd, back it up, and watch the back-up on a region one dvd player?

reason i ask is because i have alot of imported movies that i can no longer watch because of the dvd player i had killed over on me. now all i have is the regular region one dvd players. i can watch them on the computer, but id much rather kick back and watch em on the old tv.

anyway, thanks for the help.

You need to kill the region code in the machine and playback software, too.

It should play on your region one player, but it probably wont play right unless your player can display pal instead of ntsc.

Unlocking a DVD player to be region free, and usually to support ntsc/pal, is really not that hard -> with the right player.

Check this site and then see if you can locate any of the players . . .

DVP642, no more needed

i appreciate the replies. so it was a stupid question, and i should have known. i guess i got excited at the idea about my imports before i thought of the different formats(pal and ntsc). ill have to do some checking to see if my current player can read pal. the region is only part of the deal.

thanks again