New guy with a few questions



Hello everyone! I am new here, and just bought my first DVD R/RW. It is a Lite On 1633S, and I havent even installed it yet. I have read through some of the posts here, and just have a few questions
I noticed the Lite on drives seem to have a problem with burning CDRs (not being able to burn/read CDs after burning one) Has this been corrected or linked to any one burning program?
I see a lot of posts about different burning software, but which would you say is the best for CDs and DVDs? Or is this purely subjective?
One more, and this might be a dumb one, but I have seen a lot of stuff like “BSOC” and “CSOC” What exactly is this and is one better than the others? This is my first experience with DVD burning software, and I want to make sure I get started on the right foot! Is there any one thing I need to do first?
Any suggestions and pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and looking forward to learning anything I can about this stuff.



Depends on what other programs you may have in the PC. Nero 6.6 works well for me with CDs and DVDs. others have had conflicts with Nero.

For beginners, I would suggest that you use AnyDVD and CloneDVD when creating backups of your movies. You can download these at Test the full program for 21 days. Excellent support, right here, @ CDF. Experts may want to checkout Shrink (free) or Nero Recode (part of Nero 6.6). Always set the booktype of DVD+R media to DVD-ROM for better compatibility with older DVD players. You can also use DVD-R.

Prior to backing up a movie, download and run ENDITALL (free). This program will shut down all applications running in the background. These programs can interfere with the backup process.


Nero 6.3 works extremely well. Some have had problems with 6.6
I’ve been using a Lite-on 451s@832s and never had trouble with +R, -R, or ±RW’s yet. I buy whatever’s cheap on a spindle.