New Guy! Need Help to copy movie

Hello folks, I’m new to all this DVD stuff, and would like learn how to copy a movie, remove all the encryptions and burn a copy. Any steps you can provide me to do this would really be appreciated!

Will the Any DVD program rip and compress a movie to fit on a 4.7 GB DVD disc.

Thanks in advance….

start with the guides

welcome to the forum. i recommend doing some research on the forums first. we can answer specific questions, but no one here is going to give you a step by step analysis of “how to copy a movie”

i can say that anydvd and clonedvd2 are very good programs especially for beginners. check the guides in the sticky threads at the top of each subforum

anydvd does not compress (transcode). it merely decrypts and recently, a ripper function was added.

clonedvd2 is what you need for compression.

visit for the official notes and help section and also 21 day free trials of each program.

if you have anymore specific questions feel free to post back here!


Thanks for your advise, I will research on the forums.