New guy here: Important Question!



Lets say a file was downloaded in flac format…then I converted it to wav…but now I want it back to flac…can I simply drag the wavs into flac frontend and encode? The reason I ask is, well, will I lose anything from the file?

Also, when I tried ot do this…I got an error (error 1) whatever that is…but the encoding still worked…so, am I good?




The process you converted the file to Wav format should be capable to reverse engineering process also that means convert the file otherwise.


Great thanks! Just in case, the error message in the log said the following:

General errors 1:
tag-automatic tag from filename

So im not sure…but they sound ok…just wanted to make sure i didnt mess it up in any way by changing back to flac…

thanks again!


No just play it back if sound Ok then you are in a good shap.