New GSA H10N. What's the recommended firmware?

I just got myself a new H10N burner. I’ve only burnt a few DVD’s and CDR’s so far, but it seems to burn really nicely. :slight_smile:

It came shipped with the JL10 firmware. Is there any point in upgrading the firmware on this drive? I’m kind of leaning on the side of “if it aint broke dont fix it” at this point. Is it true that there is no utility available for LG drives to backup the existing the firmware in case you later wish to revert?

If you had read the FAQ for LG drives you would have seen this: 12.Can I go back to a previous version of firmware?

Yes, you can. LG’s firmware updates do not include any form of version checking which prevents you from going back to an older revision of firmware. Simply reflash the drive with whatever previous version of firmware you want.
This is under the section labeled “Please read this before posting”.

Hmmm, I don’t believe that was the question I asked. I’ve backflashed to earlier firmware many times before. The specific question was can the existing firmware be backed up before flashing the new firmware. The reason I ask this is because the JL10 bios that ships with this model burner is not available anywhere for download. While I’m not 100% sure of the validity of this information I’ve heard that the JL10 firmware ships with new burners but is otherwise unavailable.

Nope, it can’t be done. The reason being nobody has ever written a utility for backing up the firmware from LG writers.

This is correct. LG never makes the first version of firmware for a drive available as a download from its website. This trend has ben observed with various LG writer models over time.

I don’t think there is anything to lose by upgrading to JL11 or JJ11. Have a look in the FAQ for what the differences between the two are. Sorry, but I’m kind of tired tonight or else I would point you at the exact question in the FAQ that relates to this.

while in general i would say yeah, upgrade to the newest firmware, at least one guy posted here that he had some problems after upgrading and (at least he thought so) they were because of the firmware update.
as he pointed out, JL11 isn’t available on LG’s service websites, after it had been, no one knows why, and it’s a little fishy. so [I]maybe[/I] there’s some risk.
OTOH lot’s of people got good results with JL11.

if you do want JL11, you can find a link here:

for what it’s worth, i upgraded my H10L from LL10 to LL11, no problems (that i know of).

Thanks for the info guys. :slight_smile:

BTW. I notice that the dangerous brothers have two versions of firmware for the H10N. They have the JL11 and the JJ11 firmwares? What’s the story with JJ11, is that the buffalo version or something?

JJ11 is the Hitachi version that allows UDMA-4 operation. This has been answered before.

Yeah I read that post, that’s why I wanted to double check before flashing. It’s kind of weird that LG seem to have taken down the JL11 firmware from their download page for now. Perhaps it was just an unusual conflict with specific hardware and/or software configurations. At this point it’s only the one guy that’s complaining about JL11, so it cant be too common. Anyway I think I’ll at least wait for LG to re-instate it as “official firmware” before doing anything at this point.

I didn’t find ANY firmware for my GSA H10L on the US site, either. I know that LL11 was once there so they must have taken that down as well.

AFAIK they’ve removed JL11, LL11 and JL04 from [I]all [/I]of LG’s service websites.

Probably because this is an RPC-1 with auto reset for different region codes. And they don’t want to get in trouble for having it available for people to flash their “region specific” drives.

nope, the firmwares that were on LG’s websites were not RPC1 or auto-reset firmwares. they were regular RPC2 firmwares.

Exactly. JL11 is RPC-1.

no, like i just said JL11 is [B][I]RPC2[/I][/B].
TDB’s hacked version of JL11 is RPC1 but that wasn’t on LG’s website.