New GSA-5120D A115 firmware available on



As a fluke I happened to check the site and there is finally a new firmware for the GSA-5120D external burner. I’ve installed it and works fine so far!

LG has got to get the ribbon for most messed-up global website organization. I did not yet find this firmware on other country lgservice pages. Just the german one. Pretty sad.


I don’t understand why it’s only LG Germany… South Korean LG Electronics homepage is right where their HQ is but there’s no mention of A115 for 4120/5120. I haven’t asked anyone at LG about it though.

BTW, I think Toshiba website and Matsushita / Panasonic website is just as ineffectively managed. BenQ and Plextor seem to do well. Lite-On firmware download page is OK, too. Maybe they will learn… slowly though.

Thanks for the news anyway!