New GSA 4167B cant read dvd's

hi guys i bought a new dvd burner LG GSA-4167B,n the problem is my computer can detect the new hardware and i can also c the DVD-RAM drive in my pc,but it cant read or write dvd’s,there is no driver cd also with the new package,i tried all possible things,changing jumpers,making primary secondary,changing IDE cables ,but same things,it cant read dvd’s,and when i click on DVD-RAM drive to open my dvd it freezes and then the drive converts in to CD-DRIVE,is there any way i can make it read and write dvd’s.thx

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This problem usually is due to a damaged laser. Try your drive on another computer (if you can), but consider also to RMA.

Sorry :frowning:

i dont think so its the problem with the laser or something,as i tried with 3 new GSA-4167B writer but its the same thing,my pc cant read or write dvd’s with the new 4167B.

I’ll approach that part quickly - that’s usually down to a bug in Windows Explorer, my own two burners change to “CD drive” when there’s a blank disc in there.

You say it can’t read or write DVDs…do pressed DVDs work?

Also, the drive needs no drivers, Windows should just detect it.

Usually when problems are only with a specific media (i.e. only with CDs or only with DVDs) the cause is a damaged laser.

I can’t figure what can be your problem.

Do you tested with all DVD types? I mean with pressed and with burned DVDs? Nothing read at all?

I have same problem. Reads pressed dvds ok but will not recognize dvd+/-r (a few different brands even), I haven’t tried rw’s yet. It will read/write cd’s & cd-r’s no problem but there seems to be an issue with the lead in writing. My cd player won’t play first track but if I skip to 2nd and rewind to begining it starts and 00:00, 99:59, 00:00, 00:01 and so on. I’ve updated my firmware and now am stumped.


Re: your audio problem. Do you have the latest firmware (DL13)? I believe it’s supposed to fix some kind of audio problem.

Edit: I’m assuming you have a 4167B

yes i have the 4167b and DL13 firmware. Actually haven’t tried burning another cd with new firmware, stuck on this dvd thing…

lucky036 :

Try connecting the drive to another system. If it works, you have probably run into the infamous “PSU is not up to it” problem. There have been quite a few people in this forum with similar problems where the 4167B won’t detect certain types of discs or won’t burn but can read or a combination of these problems. The problem was that the power supply units of their systems were either not of good enough quality, or could not supply enough power for the 4167B to run properly. Changing the PSU solved the problems.

If you do a few searches in this forum section, you will find those threads very easily. Just search for “4167B” and “problem”.

This problem is the very one DL13 fixes.

Btw, which brands of DVD discs did you try which could not be read by your 4167B?

Is there a fix for the Windows Explorer bug? I am having the same issue with the 4167B. Whenever I put blank DVD media in the drive, it switches to CD DRIVE and I can’t read the available space left on the disk. I think it even happens when I insert a multisession disk as well. It won’t tell me the available space left.

This is only a cosmetic bug. Nothing to worry about.

Regarding to multisession discs, try with your burning software so see how much free space is remaining.

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Thanks for the welcome! I will try the software to check the available space.

If you use nero it should be on menu “Recorder” --> Disc Info. It should open a window with all informations on the disc, and free space available

Thanks geno888!

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I have the same DAMN problem when i put in a blank dvd-r the 4167B wil not recognize it therefore i cnat burn anything. I use Alcholol 120% dvd decryptor and nero 7 premium. It USED to work l(like about 10-15 burnt dvds) but now it doenst work. I have the latest DL 13 firmware, and i have 450 watt PSU. i tried uninstaling the drive and uninstalling the secondary ide driver in Device manger and rebooted and STIL does not work. It doenst read blank dvd-r’s BUT it does read NON-BALNK discs with info like dvd movies and games etc.
Does any1 know what i can do???

Meaning, Nero doesn’t recognise it as blank media, correct? I’m assuming so, since Windows Explorer can’t ‘read’ a blank DVD. :wink:

It can be a damaged drive :frowning:

well yaaa nero or alcohol 120% or dvd decrptor are unable to burn a project cuz the BURN logo is faded away
::S:S:S what do i doo
I dont think sit damaged becuase the 4167B stll cna read normal movie dvds and other cds.
Burner programgs and windows are unable to recogninze that a BLANK dvd-r is in the drive.