New graphics card required



I have a P4 2.4ghz system, together with a GF4 ti4200(AGP).

I am looking to upgrade the card, and was going to put a NV6600GT in, but since the release of the new nVidia chips, the price of the basic 6800 has fallen below that of the 6600GT(AGP version). Anybody any ideas on which would be the best one to get as they are both well within budget. I know the GPU and memory clocks are lower on the 6800, but it has more buswidth and more pipelines.

Also, noise is a big concern, i peferably do not want something that sounds like a jet engine.(Although i know there are some good aftermarket solutions).

The GFX card range has become too complicated IMO :frowning:

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


6800 fillrate is higher, more pipelines will make your 3D scores (gaming) go through the roof. Your 6800 is much better than the 6600GT, unless you get one of the lucky 6600GT units where you can unlock the extra pipelines if they aren’t corrupted.


Ive never seen a standard 6800 cheaper than the cheapest 6600GT my 6600GT cost me £115 and the cheapest 6800’s ive seen have been about £160, the 6800LE however can be had for about the same price as a 6600GT but at stock speeds the 6600GT is faster however if you can unlock thre extra pipes and overclock the memory it would easily beat a 6600GT, also as far as im aware no version of the 6600GT has any locked pipes.


£120 for 6800

AFAIK the 2 cards will be good at different games. Certain games will like the clock speed of the 6600GT and others will like the slightly more oomph the 6800 can give you. Both are pretty reasonable though.


its a 6800LE