New graphics card required... (cheap for second pc )

New graphics card required… (cheap for second pc )

ok best buget card say from £10 to £35 seen some for £25 but would like to know what you think best for the price will be will not be a games pc but mite do some dvd stuff

thanks as ever Sc00terx

Radeon 9550 might be the best bet.

Pretty much all current cards would be good enough for anything other than games, though I’d steer clear of oddities with unproven drivers - like the Sis Xabre based cards.

Have a look at or more specifically:

Excellent card for value and performance (got one myself). You can always get a lower memory (128mb) version if you want to save a bit more money.

looks ok but scan are a rip off hade a problem with them some time ago and they did nothing for me ended up paying 2 times for one item and geting one i did not want or send for but they did not help me out at all ah well i did get the item i wanted from a difrent shop and payed £30 over the ods for the one they sent me

as ever sc00terx

I have a old Geforce MX2 with 64MB of memory that runs dvd’s no problem, so 128mb of memory should be fine. I kind of like this one . It has no fan so it will be quieter, and even comes with a dvi connector.

thanks for all the info will let you know what i get :slight_smile:

as ever sc00terx

and @Chriso woo another scouser good to see us on here :slight_smile: - Worth a look, if Nvidia is your choice

The “offer of the week” certainly looks tempting
A Vivo equipped card, so it does Video IN as well as out - not a tuner, but you could connect it to a VCR or freeview box.

For a really cheap card, the Mx4000 64Mb at £14.99 is ok for non-gamers.

I know I cautioned against it, but
The Sis Xabre 200 - you won’t find a cheaper card that has DirectX 8 hardware capabilities, but the last driver update was Q1 2004 (the performance driver, 3.57.53 from ) - at that level, I believe it still had some issues in many game tests.

Excellent, more scousers!!!

Haven’t had problems with Scan myself, but that was only my second order.

yup m8 there good if you get the right stuff and it all works but its when you have to get help from them it goes tits up i did get a lot of stuff from them befor this and all was fine , the way i see it now is sometimes shit hapens its how they sort it out that count`s

as ever sc00terx …

What he said.