New graphics card needed?

So i built a new Dual Core AMD 64 PC a while back and put in a x800 ATI Radeon card… im thinking i need to upgrade tho, since im trying to do more gaming than originally thought, and im also editing more video as well. So, which chip is better for photoshop/after effects editing as well as gaming… NVIDIA or ATI? IS there a better choice or are they both the same? if so, any model out there under $200 that would be best for me? thanks in advance!


As your x800GT has 12 pipelines - probably a nvidia based card with 20 or 24 pipelines would suit your needs-

Looks like the 7900GT’s (24 pipelines) run under $300 with some bargains in the $230 range - and the 7900GS’s (20 pipelines) running right around $200 at -eh!

If you do plan to run game on your new computer you better know the most valuable investment you can make is getting a good, reliable and high performance Video Card". Video card is the one make the computer funs the games in full speed, good frame rate and true 3D presentation. In short, Video Card is “highlight” component of your system.

yeah, i realize the video card is the grunt when it comes to games… and i know you get what you pay for… but my main question was… Is ATI or NVIDIA better for gaming and editing vids? or are they the same? then if 1 was better than the other, i was just looking for some actual specs or models i should look at… and im trying to keep it under $200… low i know, but i cant justify blowing $400 on a vid card… especially when i dont do THAT much gaming… thanks for the responses tho… i appreciate the help…1


I personally believe that you get the most bang for your buck with the nVidia based cards-eh!

My opinion as well… :iagree: