New Graphics card for xmas!

Hello all and happy holidays. I will be getting a new graphics card for christmas and i was wondering what to get. My budget is 250 dollars, and my main purpose for the card is to play online games such as Final Fantasy online, everquest, call of duty etc. My motherboard can support the high end cards. SO what do you all think? I want quality over worrying about the budget. Something with great frame rates that will give me high bench marks. Also another factor is that my friend is a great overclocker so whats a card that works well overclocked withdecent cooling?

If you can find a GeForce FX 5900 XT it offers good performance for $200

Heres a review

what about the radeon line of cards?

Radeon 9700 Pro

One here on

ohhh the nvidia one comes with call of duty! that will save me 50 bucks…ok thanks i know what i want now hehehe

radeons come with half life 2 :eek: :eek:

should go for an 9600XT/9700 pro instead of an 5900 Ultra
Halo/HL2 benchmarks shows that an 9600XT easily outperforms a 3 times more expensive 5900 ultra.

which manufacturer maelstrom? how much should i be paying for a 9700 pro? is a 9800 non pro better than a 9700 pro?

if you go for a radeon i would say Hercules
there cards are good quality and have some neat extra’s (copper GPU cooler, copper heatsinks + heatpipes on the memory)

Originally posted by lves2raft
which manufacturer maelstrom? how much should i be paying for a 9700 pro? is a 9800 non pro better than a 9700 pro?

They perform about the same, but as the 9800np is equipped with some more “up to date” features (I believe there is a difference in the vertex shaders), this card is more futureproof than a 9700pro is (it’s very nice to see that an 18month old card still performs very very well). If you are in to overclocking, it might be a good choice as well, as there’ll probably some power left to OC the card to even higher speeds… :slight_smile:

ya ATI 9600 XT or 9800 XT come with Half-life 2, but what a fuc*in joke it is.
the steps in getting the game from ATI not worth it.

  1. Register with ATI. (no problem there just make sure you get all the numbers off your card before you install it!!!)

  2. You have to send ATI the shipping and handling charge for the game. (the price of the card itself wasn’t enough money to cover it for ATI, cheap fu*ks)

  3. Wait till April or when ever in 2004 Half-life 2 actually comes out. (most retail stores will probably get the game before or same time as ATI sends em out so whats the point?)

sorry for the rant i’m just not to happy with ATI.
my 9800 XT works pretty good just seems ATI still can’t get there shit together and make better drivers. (Nvidia’s drivers have less issues)

plus the performance differences between ATI’s and Nvidia’s top cards are pretty minimal, ATI has better performance in some things than Nvidia, and Nvidia has better performance in other things than ATI.