New GPU upgrade... No bios at boot



Working on a friends computer, and wants to upgrade to a video card that I have sold him. Video card is an r7 265 to replace his old 8600gts…
Specs are:
Model - Dell Vostro 400.
CPU - intel C2Q q6600
Ram - 4gb
motherboard - LGA775 dg33mo3
PSU - Rosewill 500w green edition

However upon installing the card, no start up boot, NADA just blank, when putting back the 8600 the computer starts up again. I have tested both cards on the another computer and it works! Just wondering why the 265 won’t work on his. Could it be because the new card requires a Pcie 3.0? I thought that 3.0 are backwards compatible with 2.0 socket motherboards.


Yup, check the BIOS or RESET it and load the standard prefs for it - then test again.