New Global Divx Player 1.9.0 (With Spyware!)

I just posted the article New Global Divx Player 1.9.0 (With Spyware!).

Global DivX player has reached version 1.9.0. GDivx consumes less memory and CPU Cycles than Windows Media player. It supports DiVX Movies, VCD, MPEG, AVI, WMV, and ASF Video.

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Why must ppl use spyware? I do not understand it.

Who says ppl must use that? I do not understand it.

I tried it out yesterday. It in one words “SUCKS” Slow and buggy. Use the player that comes with the DivX codec 4.0 beta 3. Its a lot better then this CRAP. :d

strooperman… they use spyware to make money… else program wouldent be free…