New GK! cd


I was wonderig if anyone here knows how to copy this german medical cd that ive bought. Its from Mediscript and is called "Physikum 3/95- 8/2004. Ive recently copied an older cd and knew that is was protected with Starforce1/2. Easy with Alcohol 120%…

Ive run the cd through numerous scanner: A ray found :
ProtectCD Version Removed detected -> G:\GK1neu\Mediscript.exe
ProtectCD signs found

In ClonyXXl : ProtectedCD V.0.4

Can anybody help me???
P.s ive tried coping it wit Alcohol with settings for starforce1/2 and Protected Cd to no avail…

There are already some threads about Mediscript just use the search function maybe there is some more info…

mmmm. Ive tried that already but the problem is that this cd is new and ive already backed up an older cd but this has a different protection. Another problem which i faced last time was that my scanners said its was a protected cd v5 or something a rather but it really wasnt. I had to use starforce1/2!!!
Can any1 explain that!?!

I remember ClonyXXL identifying many many illegal TOC protections as ProtectCD - VOB.


A ray didnt show anything. I got
ProtectCD Version Removed detected -> G:\GK1neu\Mediscript.exe
ProtectCD signs found
Dunno what that means and eith ClonyXXL i got
Protected Cd V0.4

Does anyone out there know how to back this cd???

I would be more than greatfull…

From your other post it’s ProtectCD v5.90.016 so Alcohol is the only way to go using VOB ProtectCD 5 profile for reading and writing and enable RMPS emulation. I doubt it’ll work with this PortectCD version but you can give it try using a CDRW…


Soryy i think u missunderstood. The older cd had Protected CD V5.144 and i managed to back it up but i had to use Starforce 1/2 settings which is really crazy??? But it worked. Now ive have the latest version which is only a week old and ive treid both peotectedcd and Starforce setting to no avail…

Ive just used another protection programm and it told me that the copy protection programm is: Protected CD Version Removed

Was does that mean???

i’ve the same problem in making a backup of the new gk cd.
did you have any success?

Hi mate

No. No chance at all… Even the older cd that i have (8/2003), worked only once with Alc120, after that it asked for the original cd. I just dont understand why the hell no one has been able to back this simple cd!!! With the newer cd… well what can i say… i stuffed my computer up trying to back it up, and now my computer will not even accept the original cd…

Well if u ever figure it out, please fill me in… im dying to get this bloody cd. I would have loved to back it up but my exams are coming up and i haven’t even started. Anyway good luck, but dont bother spending too much time on the cd- its better to lern:)


Did you try scanning your CD with the latest A-Ray (version

Get it here.

Let us know what it say.

Btw you scan your CD also with ProtectionID. :iagree:

You can get it here.

A-Ray & ProtectionID are both better than Clony, because that’s not updatet anymore. :iagree:

thanks, i’m also still trying and will let you know if i have any news.
good luck for your examen

A-Ray v2.0.1.2 -->
ProtectCD Version Removed detected
ProtectCD signs found

Protection ID v0.5 -->
[!] VOB Protect CD [modified version] detected