New generation of "cheap" dvd

I mean by cheap datawrite/bulkpaq/ridisc dvd.

I have check at They have received new Datawrite made by cmc/mcc (I suppose mcc is much better than cmc), bulkpaq dvd-r manufactured by prodisc with new prodiscS04 dye.
And ridisc with TTG02 MID ( made by TDK ?).

Does someone have already tried these dvd ?

I can’t edit my title :confused:

I can. :wink: Title spelling corrected.

And no, I haven’t tried these discs as I am not in the UK.
I would expect TTG02 to be made by CMC, just like the predecessor TTG01 discs.

IF this is CMC their quality has improved in a HUGE way:
oh yeah almost forgot the info
4 GB Movie burned @ 8x by NEC2500 (maddog8x) herrie 107v2b4


all three private brands of a trading company in Edinburgh

this company is well-known in the media world, by purschasing cheap down-graded crappy quality (sometimes even fake) discs (from ritek, prodisc, cmc, princo, infosmart etc) and sell it as A-Grade

first 1 or 2 batches might be good quality to create the name :slight_smile:

I have tried and reviewed these discs with a variety of DVD burners check out my tests linked from HERE

AFAIK, Ridisc is a Ritek owned brand and has no connection with the Edinburg joint.

“AFAIK, Ridisc is a Ritek owned brand and has no connection with the Edinburg joint.”


Only Ridata, Ritek, Arita and Traxdata are official brand of ritek
Look here

But ridisc now use TTG02 dye, they appear to be quite good

>> Mister-T
This Ritek-Europe that you refer to with your link, can you or anyone else confirm the poster is indeed Ritek-Europe or someone else.
Is this an official statement by Ritek or someone posing as Ritek Europe.

This guy appear to be really affiliated to ritek/conerexx europe

flash can you confirm that the site in your link is indeed owned by e-net ie dvdrecordable??

The distribution company who manages the brands Datawrite, Datasafe and RiDisc are partly responsible for the existence of these websites, but they do not have editorial control nor do they own them. They were the first to spot the opportunity to launch UK websites centred on DVD media. They Partnered with a very competent web design company who also runs similar sites (atop web design) and came to long term sponsorship deals whereby they pay for hosting and various other costs associated with running a website.

Datawrite Datasafe, Bulkpaq, Memorex…… etc pay to advertise on the sites, but why wouldn’t they ! It is a good sites with lots of visitors! Who come back often. This is because the visitors like the website and the information they can find there. The website would not be successful if they did not help and interest people.

With Datawrite and Bulkpaq have agreed a reciprocal advertising agreement. You may be aware that all the Datawrite and Bulkpaq media produced since 2002 has “official sponsors of” printed on every disc. This would not be the act of a company seeking to hide their affiliation with a website! This is the act of a company promoting their association with a website.

I always laugh when someone asks that sort of question, a better reply would have been (IMHO)

Punan can you confirm CDfreaks is owned by Conrexx and RAMBOX?

True but Rambox and Conrexx sell media from any different suppliers and CDFreaks does reviews on many different products. only does reviews on media from e-net and hence it looks like the whole website looks like a advert masquerading as an independent resource. It is a fantastic marketing idea and my hat goes off to them.

This is nothing against Flash or the people who run the website as they can only review what is sent to them(and they do a good job in my opinion), but it will be the perception of many.

well flash thats the problem NOT everyone knows what we know,joe public goes and buys bulpaq and they get the link to dvdrecordable on the disc and they get showered with info regarding e-nets products hardly impartial…and flash you seem to be defending these names everywhere i go and you are supposed to be a retired taxi driver ahhhhhhhhhhh right


I am a retired taxi driver

I dunno what your problem is , but I can only assume from your postings that you came from the forum that was just closed down and have an axe to grind with the people who shut you down.

who got shut down??and why do you keep answering for flash???and the only axe i have to grind is with e-net and their load mouths who think we were all born yesterday…oh and flash you might be retired taxi driver but you ARE working for e-net ffs. who goes around spending their retirment years promoting e-nets goods or BADS in this case.flash i used to have respect for you and so did a hell of alot of others but people are starting to see through you now.


Mister_T I am not being funny but appearance and proof are totally different things entirely. We honestly don’t know who the others are on this forum (excluding those who are here through recommendations from personal friends). Therefore I could join a Verbatum_UK but that does not make me a representative of verbatum. For all anyone knows I could be a rep of AOL Time Warner collecting evidence of law breaking by people asking how to make back ups in countries where that is not legal. Well long tall and short of it is unless you have hard physical proof that the person is infact Ritek then don’t quote them as such.

Just clik on the name “Ritek-europe” and use send mail fonction.

I tryed to ask something and got an answer from the marketing manager from conrexx europe, with mobile phone number and legal content at the end of the mail.
BTW you said true about a person that can’t represent corporation

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