New FW for sony DRU 800: KY04





Thanks, the only noted changes are, “Writing performance and reliability improvements.”

I guess that’s a better effort than “Match More Media”


I can’t wait to see a scan… common guys!


Looks good to me! :bigsmile:

Firmware: KY04
YUDEN000-T02 (FujiFilm) TG001149 Burned at 8x


does it read at 12X!!? or does the patcher work on it?



Hey all I did was flash my drive to SONY stock KY04, then I dumped the firmware to a BIN. I patched it with OmniPatcher 2.4.1 and also MCSE ;).


Ok, than its not a stock 12X!!!


Code, omnipatcher cannot handle the new firmware for the sony, loads fine, but you cannot double click the media codes to change there strats. :sad:


someone did it here


hmm, but why use MCSE, i bet he patched the read speeds etc and then the strat changes with MCSE, because omnipatcher will not allow you to change them


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OP’s debug log reports that strategy reassignment was disabled for both banks because both banks did not appear to have sufficient space for a patch. As I’m still out of town and have been stuck with using public terminals for several days, I can’t verify if this is the case (though it seems a little odd that both banks would be out of space, I don’t have much reason to doubt that the OP debug log is wrong). If the problem really is a lack of space, then there will be no solution except to use a different firmware or to do strat reassignment through renaming (which OP supports and which is how MCSE does reassignment for LiteOn drives). But since KY04 appears to be fairly old according to our information (not to mention the timestamp), I’d suggest just using KS09 with a changed drive name if you really want strat reassignment.


yeah KS09 will have to do, as MCSE Does not handle the firmware either, it loads it, but has much of the ids missing and some garbled characters


There is now a KYS3 firmware available.

It’s the same as KY04 (made on the same day, even), except that, unlike KY04, it’s patchable (you can do strat reassignments with it). :slight_smile: