New FW for 1620Pro

Nope, not out yet !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just want to know if anybody has heard of a new FW being tested as beta somewhere in this world.
I can’t live without update from time to time. If B7U9 is likely to be the last one, I will think changing this drive!

BenQ im guessing will release more firmwares for this drive as they seem to support their drives extremly well, also the BenQ 1640/50 hasnt been released yet so they will keep supporting this drive.

But Lets face it the drive has improved remarkably since its first release via firmware updates and at its current firmwares it doesnt seem to have any major problems, i dont see why you would dump the drive just because no more firmware updates may or may not come out. It writes to media extremly well and lets face it what else can really be improved at this moment of time.

Also many other manufacturers of drives dont support their drives as long as BenQ did, they support them for half or a quarter of this time so you were very lucky with BenQ 1620.

Great point. I have a BenQ DW1620 Pro as well as a Plextor PX-716A. Both are fabulous drives and I tend to use the BenQ more for DVD burning. It appears that BenQ is serious about it’s products and keeping it’s customers happy… certainly more-so than Plextor. While the Plextor has it’s advantages over the Benq (better DAE and DVD ripping), I think BenQ’s support shines too. I’ve read about folks buying the OEM drives and having problems and BenQ will support them and send a retail drive in return. I only needed to replace a Plextor once and it took six weeks to get a refurbished drive. Of course, my Plextor rocks for DAE, but I have equal faith in BenQ and recommend it just a tad more than the Plex to anyone in the market for a DVD burner.

So are you using the speed hack firmware on the BenQ? Is the Plextor still a faster ripper?

No speed hack’s. Supported firmware head to head, the Plextor is faster. But I don’t do a lot of DVD ripping so I don’t need it to be faster. I do a lot of DAE and the Plextor is great at that… always has been.

Don’t worry, I was just jocking. I love my BenQ, I was just wondering how it could be impoved anymore.

I guess if they added 8x +R DL that would be a nice improvement, they could also add -R DL writing and increase the RW speeds now that would be a very nice improvement but i doubt BenQ would do this.

But then again they did it with the BenQ 1600 it was upgradable to a 1620, so maybe a 1620 will be upgradeable to a 1640/50 but i guess its just a dream, i guess new hardware will be introduced and used for next drive.

I don;t know about future releases, so we’re resting on our laurels with U9 firmware.

By the way, where was the S9 firmware in the grand scheme of things?! I just got an OEM drive which came with Retail firmware and I was jsut wondering about it.

That firmware was meant more for the Asian market that uses a lot of cheaper media, your best going to B7T9 or B7U9.

Flippin’ Heck!

Will do. I don’t have that many DVD+R’s left (Maxell 4x, so a bit old) and have some Phillips 4x DVD+RW that seem excellent (okay, done only one so far) for quick short term backup/trasnport of files.

Any particular media that’d I should look for in my next round of media buying?!

[The Phillips DVD+RW seem to have very high PIF/E values. They are ‘made for video’ which I always thought means, essentially, lower quality media than ‘data’ discs]

Hi JoeyD.

In general, look for MIJ (Made in Japan) media. EG: TY, MXL RG03, etc. ProDisc, sold under Smart Buy +R 8X, is also a pretty good choice: it can be oversped to 12x with good results.

MXL RG03 can also be oversped and still have decent quality burns (within scanning standards).



Verbatim: I’ve seen good results in reviews and some users saying about them but then you read about some having problems etc. They seem easy enough to come by online.

I don’t think many sites mention the area the discs came from, maybe US ones but I don’t think any sites that serve the UK. It’s all the 'major; labels too, so you have Sony, Verbatim etc and less of the other brands you and others mention

Hi JoeyD.

Here’s one site for media in the UK:

  • Jie

I get very high quality scans with Ridata R03 burned at 8X. The PI/PIF rate is close to what I see with TY.

Also, I will be suprised if BenQ does not make some major changes in drives. NEC, HP, and LG are all going to Super-Multi drives by year end. The NEC 4550 will support 16X RAM and the LG currently supports 8X +RW. BenQ will need changes just to stay in the market. And please, there is no need to point out the futility of DVD-RAM. I already am aware.

I have a BenQ DW1620 Pro as well

JOHN: Do you mean the tray?

What are your PC Specs and FW revision?

  • Jie

PC Specs and FW revision?
You talk funny he he he

Processor: AMD Athlon™ Processor 1.1 GHz
Web Client Network

  BIOS:   AMIINT - 1000 Version 1.00, 08/09/ 

Memory: 512 MB (47% Utilized)

Hard Disks: 37.27 GB, 74.53 GB

Video: 1280 x 1024 in 32-Bit Color, ALL-IN-WONDER 8500DV


Bus Type: PCI, ISA, USB

Ports: 1 Parallel, 3 Serial

Floppy Disks:

Sound, CD-ROM


Operating System

Windows: 5.1 (Build 2600)

Net Clients:
Microsoft Terminal Services

Oop’s Sorry

john: perhaps it’s time to find a new hobby. PC Specs and FW revision are very common expressions on forums such as these.

PC specs = what kind of computer do you have?

EG: What kind of mobo? What kind/how much RAM? Processor?

FW Revision = The firmware that came with your burner. EG: B7P9, G7Z9, B7S9, etc.

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