New FW BSKB released for BenQ 1640 supporting SolidBurn

I found on this link a new firmware BSKB (released on August the 15th)
for the BenQ DW1640:

Release Reason:

  1. Improved writing quality for DVD+R & DVD-R media.
  2. Added SolidBurn Technology.
  3. Added Overspeed ability. (Enable via QSuite 2.0)

QSuite 2.0 can be downloaded from

Thread for discussion: [thread]145443[/thread]

Qsuite site DEAD LINK!!!
I got boned again!!!, the USA site doesnt even list the newe firmware yet!!

It works fine, just click here.

hey don’t sound so gloomy try this link, i found it on Benq’s global site in the download software patch section if i’m not mistaken.

edit: the link works , just tried it out meself, yayaya, my first real contribution to this forum, thank you CDFreaks!!!

QSuite 2.0 can be downloaded from:

Thread for discussion: [thread]145443[/thread]

So where’s the Linux/Mac flasher?

There isnt one.

Yeah, that’s kinda what I meant, fscking useful that isn’t it?!

Kinda makes you miss NEC.


Thanks for the links folks!