New freebie promotion!



After the success of the Passkey giveaway and the site-wide discount, they area running a new giveaway, this time it is a TOTALLY FREE LIFETIME LICENSE of DVDFab Media Player 2 (Win or Mac), the latest version. Just enter an email address and you will be sent a key! And again, great discounts of at least 25% on all DVDFab products are part of the deal. Don’t delay, get it now! And another great deal, if you have a Windows license for DVDFab products and need the Mac version, you can get any Mac module for a price of just 20% of the normal fee! Also works if you have Mac licenses and need Windows! If you don’t have a license for a certain module but want it for Win and Mac, you pay just the regular fee +20% for the new module and get both versions! Details on the promotions page on the website. Promotions expire 28 September, so don’t miss out!

Here is a link to the site page for the promotion:


Hi signals ,
Thanks for the player .
BTW it wouldn’t hurt to add a link even if most of us can find it.


I found the link this morning and entered my email but 6 hours later still no code. Does it normally take this long? Has anyone else done this and how quick do they send a key? Thanks.


Normally only takes on a minute or two, but the website has been slammed today as the word spread. I would say if you don’t have it in an hour or two, try it again. Make sure your email is not putting it in a spam or promotions location.

I have added the link to the promotion page. There is a link in the announcement email but not everyone received it.


I tried it again and it says one per IP address so should I email them?


I don’t know but I got my gmail in less than a minute.
Have you checked your "junk mail " folder ?


I have been checking the spam folder through the morning. I did the last promotion for passkey and I remember it coming in a couple minutes. I emailed them at DVGFab and will wait to hear back. Thanks.


I’m having the same problem rwarrin. I’ve gotten no replies in my email from DVDFab with an activation code nor are any emails in my Spam or Junk mail folders.

I entered my email address on the promotion page last night and got no reply so I entered my email address again today on the promotion page. The second email entry on the promotion page generated a message saying only one code could be sent to an Internet address. The problem is I never got the first or the second emails from DVDFab.

I guess my address is now blacklisted for this promotion. Post back if DVDFab comes up with a solution to the problem. :slight_smile:


Same here, no response by email.
I do get general emails from FAB, news letter, etc.


So there is clearly a problem, I’ve emailed them and when I hear back from them I’ll post the response.


I gave getting another key for my laptop & got the “one per IP address” message .
There is nothing on the DVDFab site that says there is a “one per IP address” limit .
Maybe the key is usable for more than one computer. I haven’t tried that yet.


That is correct, but seems to me it should not count the one you got for Passkey. Did you mean that you got that message on a second try for a Player key? The limit is one per email/IP. The office will not reopen until Sunday evening US time, so do not expect a reply before then. I will try to reach someone there and ask about the IP limit.


@ signals , I can’t answer for the others but it was a second try for a player key by me .
The first I got for my desktop & I was going to get one for my laptop also.
I used my gmail account for the desktop key . I tried one of my ISP e-mail accounts on the try for a key for my laptop. I guess they have the same IP address.
At least the DVDFab site detects it that way.

I don’t believe the Passkey key has anything to do with this.


I tried with a different email and also got the “one IP” error message.


Thanks for the feedback, there is indeed something going on for a very small percentage of users that prevents their receipt of the email, there is a thread about it in the Fab forum as well. The Fab IT guy is going to check on it in the morning Beijing time. Everyone will get their key, not to worry.

UPDATE: Fab IT reports that emails [B]will not work[/B].


[QUOTE=CDan;2760233]I tried with a different email and also got the “one IP” error message.[/QUOTE]Hi CDan, this is a designed issue, I think you can appreciate that there must be some limits;).


Hi signals , I just wanted to ask if I could use the same key on my desktop & laptop without a problem with the EULA ?
I know I should read the EULA better but like a lot of users I don’t /
I don’t want to mess up the license .


Hi cholla, the EULA says “no” but I do not believe it would be a problem.


[QUOTE=signals;2760235]Hi CDan, this is a designed issue, I think you can appreciate that there must be some limits;).[/QUOTE]

I can appreciate the fact that I haven’t received ANYTHING.


@ signals, I went over to DVDFab and read the post and you said if we had a problem getting key to PM you so I tried to register and used my Hotmail address and and it said it was banned. Are they banning all Hotmail address. I was going to give you my email address and IP from the link you gave. But it appears that can’t happen.