New "Free Your Plextor" firmware available

Several open source and third party software projects stopped operations after Plextor has sent them a cease-and-desist letter. Some people would say that is an “attack” because they do not provide PlexTool for Linux. However, Plextor drives have some proprietary protocols for accessing or decoding ECC data from their drives. Any company that does not license, negotiate, or partner with Plextor (assuming if its even possible to begin with), will have to reverse engineer their protocols which might be a shady task in some countries.

I think their way of doing business is flawed and they need to get off their high horse that their hardware is better than anyone’s else’s stuff. Many hardware companies now understand that their bundled software is what adds real value to the customer. Providing good customer support and giving customers the flexibility to run the hardware in a variety of environments is key to success. Many smaller start up companies waste a lot of resources supporting Linux, Solaris, and Windows. Supporting Linux can be a headache, but companies can also lay down some rules and say we will only support certain distros and if you want to run something else, you are on your own.

Apparently has no downloads for Mac OS X, so I assume they don’t have support for it.

edit: I forgot to mention that PlextTool XL is usually sold as a separate product, especially for those who have purchased lower end Plextor drives.

Ok, sounds rather … inapproriate word … to me.

Plextools only comes with Plextor drives in Europe - unless you are using a drive that supports the Q-Check functions where it is supplied worldwide. As far as I know, Plextools XL isn’t supplied as standard with any optical drive although I believe that cut-down versions are supplied with their network drives.



I think, that the network drives version just supports the networking specific functions and none of the optical drives functions!

“Free Your Plextor” firmware 1.07/PX-755 and 1.06/PX760 rpc2

“Free Your Plextor” firmware 1.07/755 1.06/760 rpc1:

warning !
it seems the newer updates for 755 and 760 are only for serial ATA versions !
read the changelog (same fot both)

* Date posted: January 2, 2007
* Improvement in interchangeability when using SATA controller or SATA/USB conversion chip. 

i don’t think the update is dangerous but they are surely useless for regulars versions of theses drives.

The update is for either the SATA or ATAPI versions. Plextor’s Japanese sites lists more info in the changelog than SATA improvement.

ok… :bow:
it’s weird that’s the changelog isn’t the same worldwide no ?

anyone speak japanese ?

・ICH8 SATAホストでドライブが認識しにくい対応(SATAモデル)

here is the (aproximative) translation by babelfish:

・Improvement of DVD media entry efficiency
・The correspondence which cannot do DMA transfer depending upon PC
・The correspondence which drive is difficult to recognize with the ICH8 SATA host (the SATA model)

i will flash my drive right now with RPC1 free your plextor ; feedback soon

hmm; these new firmwares are posted as is; not even in a zip archive so be carefull when you flash your drive because i don’t know if pxupgrade32 verify the checksum of the bin file.
anyway i have flashed my drive; will now reboot and do some tests. See you soon !

ok; i have to reboot two times (the first time my drive will not shown in windows; frightening!) but now everything seems normal.
read and write capabilitys are ok.
i will post some scans in the appropriate thread.

You can use pxfw to flash within linux. pxfw will calculate and check the checksum.


just tried to download the “Free your Plextor” Firmware 1.07 for my PX-755 from the link you posted in this thread.

But all I got was a “File not found”-message…

Could anyone post a working link please ???



PX-755/PX-760 vers. 1.07/1.06

this is just 755A version
how about 760A’s?

Seems that there are still some people who don’t know, that the firmware for PX-755 and PX-760 is the same firmware file.
“Free Your Plextor” rpc1: PX-755 1.08 is the same as PX-760 1.07

Pedalkraft ja tak

The link doesn’t work.

EDIT: There’s a check for referrer - it doesn’t work when linking directly to that file, but it works if you first go to and then enter the address in the browser’s address field.

EDIT2: Well, it worked a minute ago! :eek:

There seems to be some access limitation to the website. Here is another link:
Free Your Plextor 1.08 rpc1

Thanks! It’s an annoying download site but it works. :flower:

This is the BIN version of the firmware, so you’ll need a Plextor firmware flasher also, e.g. one of these.

I’ll second both of those remarks (and the thanks :smiley: )!