New "Free Your Plextor" firmware available

Well…I thank you for the answer as well as the commentary as it cleared up some vagueness I had never had time to clear up.

i have updated my px 755a; no problems
btw the firmware listed to this page are the same:

Successful flash of Plextor 760A!
DVDInfoPro shows RPC1 and PTPXL 3.11 seems to interact with drive as per normal.

Are that true even for, uhm, “legally binding” warranty, that is like over here in Sweden where you have quite decent warrantys on ALL products and not only because the manufacturer have said one, two or three years is ok. Can they really set rules and limits for the warranty to hold when it’s still your/my drive and not theirs?

Thought over here earlier you had one year no-questions-ask-sort of warranty and two year against manufacturing faults (which means if you didn’t do it), nowadays this have changed and I think the first one is only 6 months but the later one is 3 years, and I guess one could argue that the firmware is the source of any troubles.

What limits/“features” are there in the anti free software version then? A reason not to get a drive?

I think it’s morally wrong to do things like snapping the hinge of your Nintendo DS because the LCD got a few scratches and you know that a broken hinge will replace the DS on warranty (since they had some troubles and many got small fractures in it without beeing uncareful and Nintendo admits when they have a problem and fixes it), or even also all the retards who exchange unit after unit because they think the color temperature of the lower screen is wrong due to how the touch sensetive layer is added and they rather have one with more even temperature even thought there really is nothing wrong with the yellow tinted once and it’s just how it is done.

But I don’t think it’s wrong to maximum the usability of a product you have purchased, and atleast not in a way you know/belive won’t destroy it.

Have anyone tried to use any 3rd part Q-check software with the new free firmware?
Does 760 now work with pxscan or/and Nero CD-DVD Speed Q-Check?

will the new firmware work with cdspeed?


The “Free Your Plextor” firmwares don’t support Disc Quality testing with Nero CD-DVD Speed on Plextor drives. :disagree:

It’s rather vice-versa

Nero CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality testing doesn’t work with the “Free Your Plextor” firmwares nor does it work with the official Plextor firmwares. This is because Erik Deppe (the author of CDSpeed) got a request from Plextor to remove support for Plextor drives in an earlier version of CDSpeed.

The “Free Your Plextor” firmware is mainly intended to let 3rd party tools such as PxScan work with Plextor 760/755 drives just like with the earlier 716/712 drives which didn’t have command protection.

Are you happy with that more thorough explanation, Alex? :flower:


Why doesn’t plextor want people to use nero?

Plextor doesn’t want Nero CD-DVD Speed to be able to be used for ECC error checking as they have developed PlexTools for that purpose. I don’t think Plextor cares if people use Nero Burning ROM…

I can’t understand why ahead(?)/nero cares thought, except if plextor paid them to save their own market.

Who cares let Plextor dig a hole for themselves. I can tell you all that my px-760 will be the last Plex drive I ever buy. I am tired of all there BS. First they expect us to pay 3 times the amount for a drive, then they want us to pay for there proper scanning utility. Then to top it off, they lock there drives forcing us to use there software and then threaten to sue anyone that provides software/firmware that allows 3rd party scanning.

The PlexTools are free of charge and come with any of their drives.

I don’t know about the present, but in the past, some OEM Plextor drives were packaged without PlexTools. I believe those people were stuck because only upgrades were offered at the web site and the upgrades required a previous version of PlexTool to be already installed.
Some drives come with only the weaker version of PlexTools.
Other drives may come with PlexTools XL.

I think Plextor has to change their business model, otherwise the competition will leave them in the dust very soon.

I fully agree with you Nvidia! Plextor had a very good opportunity to pick up extra sales with Linux users and they do something stupid. They should take a look at the way Lite-On is supporting people that are prepared to write 3rd party tools for there drives. O-well I won’t be buying any more Plextor drives. No after the way they been treating people that are willing to put there own time to write 3rd party tools for there drives.

But you only got the limited version and not the one with everything, which is the one one would want when one know it’s available. And some people said it was much slower since you could only do one type of scan at each time. Price for PX-755 isn’t that much but I still can’t decide if I should get it or not.

Have they done anything else evil against the open source community? I often run freebsd, solaris or linux so it would intrest me. What about os x?