New Forum Template



Some time ago I was invited to experience the ne forum template. It was touted as having no ads for members.

The new forum template has the most despicible form of advertising, rollover or mouseovers.

For this reason, I cannot endorse this new template and will refrain from using it.

Image 1 shows the invitation.
Image 2 shows v2.0 (has no ads)
Image 3 shows new forum template (ads loaded).


I don’t get any mouseovers here at all in any of the new templates either in IE9 or Firefox and never have done.

Is this a browser issue perhaps?



Nemesys we’ve checked into this further for you and we reckon there’s a strong possibility you’ve got some sort of malware installed on your system as we can’t replicate this here, regardless of settings, even when faking a Florida IP address.

I’d recommend scanning your system with something like Malware bytes or your favourite anti-malware tool and seeing what happens.



Wombler I get it here also using FF 14.0.1

Do you want to disable Kontera links?
To disable, click the link below and then refresh your internet page. If you delete or refresh your cookies, the Kontera in-text advertising will be re-activated automatically. Click here to disable.
If you’d like to visit Kontera’s full privacy policy, please click here.

This is what I had to do to stop them, after clicking on the bottom of one of the pop ups


It took me a while to get this sneaky advertiser to reveal itself, as I’ve never seen these ads on my home or work connection whether logged in our out or using a test account.

After using HMA to test a handful of VPN servers across the US to fool the site into thinking I’m located there, the Kontera pop-ups finally started appearing logged in & out. It seems like their ads are geographically targeted and that disable their ads with many known VPN servers.

From what I’m aware of, these ads should not appear at all when logged in, but this is something the management will need to look at.


They started showing up on my work computer that was updated recently to FF 14.0.1 they are not showing up on my home computer that is still on FF 12


Thanks for that guys!

We’ll have to wait and see what the official line on this is but my understanding was the same as Seán’s.



Indeed, I’m sure someone can check on this. For now, do what’s necessary to avoid or stop them–bean55 acknowledges that you can disable them on a cookie-based basis, or just temporarily switch from the MyCE 2.0 template.


Thanks for the look in fellas.

They are Kontera ads and the links will take you to an opt out option page if you click on “Ad Choices”.
Unfortunately these option are cookie based and will reappear whenever you clear your cookies.

I’m currently employing the option of adding the Kontera domain to my “Restricted sites” with a wildcard option.

So far, so good.

Thanks to all for addressing this issue.


I’m so sorry this happened! They should only be visible to unregistered users and I made a mistake by also showing it to registered users. This went unnoticed as the ads are only appearing to US users, and I’m in the Netherlands.

The new template should certainly be ad free. I’m incredibly happy to see some members stayed and some are coming back and I want them to have the best possible experience here. After all, it’s our members who make the site!

I hope I’ve fixed it now, if not, please report it and I’ll look at it again.

My apologies for the inconvenience!


Thanks Dom.

As always, it was just a learning experience. Learning is typical at


So the ads are gone now? How do you like the new template?


No more ads.
I’ve been loving the new template since it was launched.

Dom, your efforts on these boards have always been stellar and I’m sure I speak for the majority in appreciation.

Great work Dom, and thanks.

Thanks again also to all who contributed in securing a resolution to this issue.


FWIW, with Adblock Plus installed in FF here, I’ve never seen these ads. (USA)


That’s excellent Domi and thanks for fixing that so quickly.



[QUOTE=CDan;2646527]FWIW, with Adblock Plus installed in FF here, I’ve never seen these ads. (USA)[/QUOTE]
I never see any ads with Admuncher Pro. Even banners.:wink: