New Forum "Look & Feel"



I really am disappointed with the MyCE version of the forums. :doh:Why the need for the change? I knew it was coming but thought it would be an improvement and from my pov it’s NOT. Very sterile and less friendly to view and use. I much prefer the older version using the CDFreaks forums format. In it’s current iteration I can’t see myself using it as much as I have in the past. Any one else?


I also don´t like it…it´s too busy and confusing to navigate. Some layouts are a bit weird too. I have reverted to using the old v2 (select this at the bottom of the page)

But, please give the developers a chance…they still have some bugs to sort out, and I expect they are listening to user reactions and will attempt to implement these wherever possible.


You know that you can switch back to v2 at least in your User CP if you’re not keen on the new one as it currently is? :slight_smile:

To get to the settings in the new MyCE forum styles, see Settings (below your username/avatar near the top right hand side of the window), and the option to switch styles should be under one of the tabs :slight_smile:

Mind you, things are constantly being tweaked in the new forum styles - it’s an ongoing thing, so it may be that it’s a bit nicer to use sometime fairly soon.

I personally am still using v2 for the moment, at least until a couple of things are tweaked in the new MyCE styles. :slight_smile:


The v1 style is not bad at all, and is what I plan on using for now,the MyCe beta will take some getting use to after they get the functionality back into it.

It takes time as all good things do.


I agree mr bean, I am just going to hold on tight until the ride starts to slow down to normal, what ever normal is that is :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=touchdown_1;2458315]I agree mr bean, I am just going to hold on tight until the ride starts to slow down to normal, what ever normal is that is :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

That says it all, try the Google style nice and clean. :wink:


How is that done ?


Bottom left corner should be a drop down box just choose and watch it change.

v2 is the old style that you are use to.


Google style is almost the same as ver1 style, myself I still like the ver1 best but trying out the Google style and like that one also


Yeah, the Google look is not to bad either, sort of pleasing :slight_smile:


and clean looking too :slight_smile:


I’m new here, so not really used to using any particular format, but I quickly changed over to the CDFreaksv2 format because it looks so much cleaner, better formatted, and easier to use. I’m sure the new format will soon be tweaked so that it will render better, but for now I’m sticking with the previous layout.

Thanks to the admins for giving us that option. :cool:

[B]Edit: [/B] Hey, I just noticed the google-look option, or whatever it is, and I like that very much, too! :slight_smile:


Yeah Google style is clean


I voted NO; but I really mean Maybe.

After 7 years of the old style it will take me sometime getting used to the MyCE style.

No one likes change, except Obama. LOL


To keep from having to change styles everytime you sign in you can do the following and it will always open to that style
Click on Control Panel (top left hand of page)
Click Settings & Options
Click Edit Options
Scrool down to Misc. Options
Forum Skin you will see a drop down box click the down arrow and pick the style you want MyCE to open with and then save changes
Hopes this will help some of you :slight_smile:
OOPS forgot it will give you the new style for sign in and after you sign in it will change to the style you selected


Good one Kipper on the change :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=bean55;2458353]Yeah Google style is clean[/QUOTE]

+1 (but need to change the name from Google to something else…anything else)


I knew we was going to have a change here but this new look is too confusing for me and with that said I will be reverting back to the old style until things are set up properly.

I would also like to add my internet explorer kept crashing when I was using the new style and now being back with the old it does not crash anymore


GJ did ya look at post #15 ?


I was going to reply “No - don’t like the new layout”.

But after being unable to find the correct button to click for submitting my quick reply, hitting the wrong one above the Quick Reply box, and now having to type my reply again, the answer is now Hell No! :rolleyes: