New forum layout

i`ve just noticed today that the layout for the thread titles has changed, they have more lines and include the location.

is there a particular reason for this?

it doesn`t look right to me, i like the old layout. you can fit more threads in with the old layout.

Wastes space!

We are currently testing some things. Feel free to leave comments on what you see.

Hope this explains things a bit.

yes it does thanks.

could you add a poll to this thread please, so we can see what others think?

Last post deleted somehow… Hmmm!

No, i’m not keen on it.

Since my post was also deleted, I’l repeat it:

It sucks, a complete waste of space, makes the forums look dumb.

I agree with rdgrimes, list of subjects looks too “sparse”…


(Posts were only moved because the post of an admin contained information that we would like to keep confidential, you are of course free to voice your opinion. We are still working on this and will make changes accordingly)

I like the old look…guess i got youst to it.

I don’t like how underneath a thread title it shows “author’s name”, “name of forum”

thats better :smiley:

Old: “Author name” only
1st ed. “Author name” and
“Forum name” (two lines)
2nd ed. “Author name”, “Forum name” (one line)

I like the old one but I think I will get use to the 2nd edition. But the 1st ed is no good.

Do you really need the forum name beside the authors.?

Im with you guys, I like the old layout. This one looks messy to me.


what’s the sense of this???

i don’t like all the new things, also - the “old” layout was better, not so much USELESS texts as the new one…

Im with the others although i usually come in by quick links \ new posts and dont usually see the headers…

Hi Guys

Sorry to create a spot of bother.

The changes to the title and firstwords at the top are designed to let the search engines know what the threads are about. People don’t naturally write so that the search engines can find the threads - ie actually saying what the threads are about in their first sentence. So the firstwords actually use the title and repeat it - have a search for anything and you will see that Google highlights the first several instances of the search phrase.

Along with other enhancements, each thread will actually start ranking on the search engines for their title, whereas before they would not exist at all.

More people able to find your information, more community - I know you are big, but why not be twice as big.

With any change there are adjustments. I am working with JW to keep the balance right. Have a read of the post I have deleted - those that can. I have just reread the announcement.

Hope you’ll change the layout soon this one looks really awful…

the only thing i just don’t like is the …space with the adds from the last post to the quick post box…everything else…is fine with me…