New forum function: Section Supervisor

As Club CD Freaks is growing, the need of staff who are able to work independent, signal new trends and take responsibility is becoming bigger by the day. Because of that we have a certain hierachy in place in which we have added the position Section Supervisor today.

The Section Supervisor will be managing a section of our forum, where a section contains multiple forums. The Section Supervisor will be recruiting new staff members, add new forums and help moderators with their tasks.

For our forum members this means that it is usefull to contact a Section Supervisor if you have suggestions, comments and/or you feel you are the right person to moderate a certain forum. Also if you have suggestions on new forums we should add you should contact the Section Supervisor of the part of the board where you feel it should belong.

Currently we have one Section Supervisor that will be managing our section internally named Software related #2 which consists of the following forums:

[li] Copy DVD Movie
[/li][li] Video Edit Software
[/li][li] Audio

The Section Supervisor of this section will be Womble.

Womble has been picked for his great work, respect amongst members and staff and his communication skills, we are very confident that he will be able to stimulate this particular part of the forums.

Other sections and Supervisor positions to be announced later.

Many thanks Domi.

I’ll keep this short. It’s a step into the unknown but hopefully one that will help the forum out. This is to make sure that we have the best people (thats you btw) participating here. That could be moderating, guide writing or simply helping people out.

So anyone out there who has suggestions then please feel feel to PM me with them. I promise not to steal them and pass them off as my own. Not unless they are really really good. :stuck_out_tongue:

So my challenge has been set, now it’s time to see who wants to join in and improve CDFreaks beyond the reach of all other forums in terms of people, information and expertise.

I’m certainly looking forward to hearing from you all.