New forum found

Found a new forum, maybe the owner will let us adopt it as a new place to hang out. Looks like its fairly new, only 18 members registered so far and only 5 threads started.

is this for only one software though??? lol sounds familiar :bigsmile:

That looks awefully identical to the forum. Lot of members joining daily but almost never having any members logged on??!!??!!
Something strange about them.

:bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:I got a kick out of your reply, it looks like it may be various software friendly.:bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:

doug i see you are a member whats behind those closed doors???

tell us cmon tell us please :iagree:

I think that pretty soon that forum is going to solicit donations to keep the forum going. That’s what happened with
I’m telling you, eerily similar in it’s look.

There are alot of good forums, but the problem is they are not as active as this one. In order to enjoy a forum you have to have members logged in to answer your questions or for you to answer theirs. That is why this forum is so successful, over 10,000 member from all over the world, and many are dedicated to this hobby.

I prefer Vbulletin Forums … but saying that phpbb is the best FREE forum software available.

Another thing that makes the larger forums like this one as well as Doom 9, Digital Digest, and VideoHelp so successful is that many of the members are inter-twined. Some being members of two, three, or all of the forums mentioned and the amount of extremely knowledgeable members can only help each other member to learn more than they had ever fathomed! :wink:

I prefer it also.

Scratch the thought of a new forum, I was just thinking out loud again. I have no problems with this one here.