New forum: Experiences with online retailers

Unfortunately the forum restricts us in the features, but we’ve added a forumwhere you can discuss online retailers. You can vote and post your experience (as detailed as possible).

The forum is moderated, so only staff members can make a new thread (read: start one about a company) and all threads will be using the same template. (See example)

This thread can be used to request stores for which we should make an indiviual thread. As soon as you’ve made a request, a moderator will look if it’s not a duplicate and create it.



Best Buy


Are we including B&M retailers with an online presence, or online only retailers?


I created the threads, thanks.

I was going to merge newegg/chiefvalue but not sure. There will be newegg canada soon, maybe different people in the support etc. The same for NCIX and NCIXUS. What do you think?

Not mentioned-SuperMediaStore and Shop4Tech and I think Canada and US retailers will have different people in the support and shipping locations.

Good ones jamecooley1.:clap:

Overclockers UK

Petra’s Tech Shop
Fry’s Electronics

Would like to see Monoprice.


[QUOTE=zevia;2105508]I was going to merge newegg/chiefvalue but not sure.[/QUOTE]

It’s the same company. ChiefValue is just a marketing name that NewEgg uses on the East Coast of the United States.


Polls added for all, thanks Womble - except for…have you visited that URL lately? :wink:

Monoprice please.


Thanks for that. I was coming back to do it honest.

xx521xx, DVD_ADDICT, and platinumsword…all added, thanks :slight_smile:

Added, thanks Nooch1768 :slight_smile: