New Firmwares!

The future we can Post new BTC firmwares in this thread. So we don´t have to a new thread all the time. Please discuss the FW´s in seperate topics.

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2004-09-20 - BTC DRW 1108 IM/IB/UI/UB - FW Version VB129

Download 1108 IM/IB

Download 1108 UI/UB


Here’s a list of all of the latest firmwares that BTC provides through their LiveUpdate program. This list is live too :wink:

Password is “btcfirmware”

Don’t do it all the time please because it just wastes processing time. I will take it offline eventually.

A069 is on LiveUpdate while only A054 is on BTC’s websites.

When I am trying til update FW with A069, it fails with the message: incorrect fw-version (I have tried both liveupdate and manual download.

/Jorgen Nielsen :confused:

do you have a 1016 drive???

Yes I have a 1016 drive with firmware A054, and the drive is recognised by the LiveUpdate program.
I forgot to tell that my winxp-system recognize the as: “DVDRW IDE 16X”, I don’t know if it is similar to a 1016 drive.

/Jorgen Nielsen

Search for “A069.HEX” in your C:/windows/temp folder and flash that onto your drive using mtkflash in DOS. You should back up your current, working firmware before you flash though!

After I have tried to flash my 1016 drive I have found out, that the problem is winxp servicepack 2. When I try to flach vith fw A069 from btc’s webside the flash don’t succeed and my DVD- and CD-drives dissapear: and I have to recover the system.
The problem is servicepack 2
/Jorgen Nielsen

There is now a FW file called VAA56&VA069 (for 1016) available @ BTC´s firmwarepage.

AA56/A069, A056, and 0056 are all on LiveUpdate. There are probably multiple hardware revisions of the drive :frowning:



FW 0151


FW V0056&VA071

all can be found @ BTC Firmwarepage

Had anyone update the DRW1004IM new firmware v0151 and burn the 4x DVD-R disc with MID code :RITEKG04 ??


i don´t think that there is a change to previous versions, btc only added medias, if they had changed something in strategie they would name the fw 0052 or so.



FW V0056&VA076


FW VA076


FW 0159

all can be found @ BTC Firmwarepage

Not much in the changelog except new media support, but I might test this anyway…just burned my first DVD on my 1008 (got it really cheap after rebates or I probably would have bought another drive), and it kept throttling down to like 1-2x, but that’s probably because I have a laptop and the hard drive is pretty slow whenever I try to do anything else while burning a dvd (ugh).

Anyway, I’m gonna scan the disc I just burned for errors, then flash the drive and do a new burn (this is all on RICOHJPN01) then scan that. The new burn will be while I’m sleeping so it should go 4x all the way heh.

EDIT: well I was using nero cd/dvd speed to check the quality of the first disc and it was OK until the end when the errors skyrocketed (which doesn’t seem out of the ordinary compared to the other charts I’ve seen). I couldn’t even do the whole disc at once since the drive seemed to have fallen asleep halfway through so I had to do the last bit of the disc separately but it pretty much caught up where it left off, the skyrocketing didn’t come till the very end. The “quality score” was embarassing on the last 1/3rd of the disc though, CD/DVD speed rated it a 16 lol.

Well, no real improvement…in fact, I think the drive is actually worse at reading the discs it’s burned now because the 0059 burned disc gave a lower score for the final 3rd of the disc (13 instead of 16) due to more errors.

I then burned the same data onto another RICOHJPN01 disc with the new firmware, and the score is 12 for the overall disc, chart and stats below:


BTC DRW 1108IM/IB[/b]

Firmware VB030


VB029 to VB030


VDSPMSAB 002 4x 6x 8x
POS R01 4x 6x 8x
PHILIPS C16 4x 6x 8x ,16x disc support to 8x.
DDDessau V30 4x 6x 8x
MCC 004 4x 6x 8x, 16x disc support to 8x.
DAXON AZ3 4x 6x 8x, 16x disc support to 8x.
RITEK R04 4x 6x 8x ,16x disc support to 8x.
TDK 003 4x 6x 8x ,16x disc support to 8x.
MAXELL 003 4x 6x 8x ,16x disc support to 8x.
PRODISC R04 4x 6x 8x ,16x disc support to 8x.
OPTODISC R16 4x 6x 8x ,16x disc support to 8x.
INFODISC R40 4x 6x 8x, 16x disc support to 8x.
CMC MAG M01 4x 6x 8x ,16x disc support to 8x.
MAM M02 4x 6x 8x
WFKA11 211 4x 6x 8x

MCC 01RG20 4x
MBI 03RG40 4x 6x 8x
KDTVVV 2x 4x
WFI A40001 2x 4x
POSG06 4x 6x 8x
Plasmon1A 4x 6x 8x
NANYAA01 4x 6x 8x
RITEK G06 4x 6x 8x
MAM4xG02 4x 6x 8x
FUJIFILM04 4x 6x 8x,16x disc support to 8x.
INFOMEDIAR20 4x 6x 8x
VANGUARD01 4x 6x 8x
TTH02 4x 6x 8x , 16x disc support to 8x.

• Debug for capacity mis-judge by CDSpeed with +RW data disc whose book type is DVDROM.
• Fixed CDSPEED3.21 “DISC QUALITY TEST” always fail issue.
• Debug for B’s Clip full formatting not complete and caused copy issue.


DRW 1108IM/IB VB230
DRW 1108UI/UB VB230


Base on V0130

NAN YA FLX 4x 6x 8x 
philips 081 4x 6x 8x (modify WS)
MBIPG101 R05 4x 6x 8x (modify WS)

ISSM 001 4x 6x 8x

IMC JPN R01 4x 6x 8x 
RITEK P16 4x 6x 8x (16x disc support to 8x write)
RICOHJPN R03 4X 6X 8X (16x disc support to 8x write)
PRODISC R05 4x 6x 8x (16x disc support to 8x write)
MUST 006 4x 6x 8x (16x disc support to 8x write)


TYG01 4x (WS modify)
CMC MAG. AF1 4x (WS modify)
INFODISC-R20 4x 6x 8x (WS modify) 
MBI 01RG40 4x 6x 8x (WS modify) 
ISSM R01 4x 6x 8x (16x disc support to 8x write)

MBI01RWG 20 2x 4x 

Base on vB030
YUDEN000 T02 4x 6x 8x
MCC 003 4x 6x 8x
DT-D03 004 4x 6x 8x
DAXON AZ3 4x 6x 8x
SONY D21 4x 6x 8x
VDSPMSAB 001 4x EI = 1 

MCC 02RG20 4x 6x 8x
MBI 01RG40 4x 6x 8x (16x disc support to 8x)
VDSPMSAB 02 4x 6x 8x

Hi guys,

can a 1008 be crossflashed to 1108 ?? I am trying to achieve greater -R writting speed.


Take a look here


DRW 1108IM/IB VB330
DRW 1108UI/UB VB330

========== DVD-dual 8X, DRW1108 Series ===============================

Base on VB230
WS update
MPOMEDIA 080 4x 6x 8x (WS modify)
IS01 001 4x (WS modify)
IS02.... 001 4x 6x 8x (new added)

SONY08D1 4x 6x 8x (WS modify)
DAXON008S 4x 6x 8x (WS modify)